Friday, April 20, 2012

Warm Weather Week

Although we had every intention of spending the entire week outside it didn't quite end up that way.
When Kayla woke up Tuesday morning she said her tummy was hurting really bad and she didn't think she would be able to go to school.
I thought maybe she was hungry but she wouldn't eat much at all she just laid on the couch for about 20 minutes and then eventually got up to eat.
After she ate she ran around like her normal self chasing Brooklyn around so I figured she was fine enough to go to school.

After we dropped her off Brooklyn and I headed back to the car but Brooklyn wanted to stop at the fence to say bye to Kayla one more time and that's when I noticed Kayla walking slowly by herself to go sit on the bench.
She looked really sad which is not like her at all!
I called to her and asked what was wrong and she said her tummy hurt too bad to play so I told her to hold on I was going to come get her.

Later that afternoon I myself started feeling a little sick and then when I spoke to hubby he stated he hadn't been feeling well either.
Needless to say we spent all of Tuesday and Wednesday stuck inside sick.
Kayla was fine by Tuesday afternoon and Brooklyn never got sick(hoping it stays that way!)

Thursday I was feeling much better so after taking Kayla to school I got some shopping, cleaning and gardening done.
Kayla had t-ball practice Thursday night but afterward the girls helped us in the yard until the sun went down.

I was a little bummed that we missed out on the warm weather for a few days but the girls made up for it Friday morning playing in the back with all of the water toys that we could find.

Kayla stayed out for a long time but Brooklyn was getting too cold, her lips were turning purple so she came in and warmed up with some cartoons and cuddle time with me.

We've got a warm weekend ahead and plan on being outside for most of it.
Kayla has t-ball on Saturday and then the girls will most likely be outside playing for the rest of the day.
Loving this warm weather!



SSM said...

I'm glad that you're all feeling better and that you are enjoying the sunshine.

I love Brooklyn's new bathing suit.
I bought another one today for my daughter.

Enjoy your weekend. :)

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Summer Fun! I remember these days, sad they are gone.My girls are to old now.To Cute.Enjoy!
We are to have nice weather here tomorrow and I am so looking forward to it.Rain gets old in the spring~Cheers Kim

Colleen said...

Glad you guys are feeling better!! Love that picture of Brooklyn with the cute little face! have a nice weekend. enjoy that weather. said...

I love those lazy summer days. So much fun with the little ones!

KERRY said...

I love those pool pictures where the girls are splashing and having fun! Enjoy your warm weather :)

Jamie said...

Looks like a wonderful afternoon!

Kelli said...

Great pictures of your cute girls! I love this hip 93 here yesterday.
Happy to hear you are feeling better.