Sunday, April 22, 2012

Saturday and Sunday

My skin is itchy and burnt from all the time we spent outside this weekend.
I made sure to lather my girls in sunscreen but completely forgot about myself and then when I did remember I didn't do it.
So now I'm paying the price being bright red and burnt.
The girls also got a touch of redness to their skin and I couldn't happen but be a little excited realizing that Summer is just around the corner and if every day is half as fun as this past weekend has been then it's gonna be a great one!

Kayla had her T-ball game at 9am Saturday morning.
It already felt like it was 100 degrees by then so I was thankful it was so early.
I was also thankful that it wasn't a whole game, they only play about 2 innings since that is about all a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds can handle.

As soon as we got home from her game the girls switched into their swimsuits and played in the back running through the water.
Eventually the neighbors came over as well and there were water gun fights, bubbles and they even happily watered all of my flowers!
I didn't even ask, they thought it was something fun to do so of course I had to let them I didn't want to be mean ;)
Since the entire day was spent outside in the heat we all agreed we weren't super hungry for dinner so I just threw together a quick and easy dinner with a bunch of little appetizers,
artichoke dip,
caprese salad,
red pepper jelly,
 wine, beer & milk
Perfect dinner for a hot day and since the girls ate their dinner they got dessert.
I thought these would be a hit and they were!
Perfect size for two little people.


After it finally cooled down we went for a walk, it was a nice way to end the day.
This morning I took Kayla to our Anthropologie for their Earth Day event.
I was excited to spend the day with just her since I rarely get a chance to be with just her without Brooklyn.

Anthropologie had a table set up for the kids to water color scenes of the ocean along with a bunch of snacks for everyone.

Kayla chose a turtle scene to paint.
She enjoyed taking her time and painting and while she sat and painted I got to shop around so it was fun for us both.

After spending 2 hours in Anthropologie we got some lunch at Corner Bakery.
We had some more shopping to do so we needed to make sure our tummy's were full.
I was worried about how the shopping would go because Kayla is not my shopping girl.
She gets bored to death and it usually ends with her complaining non stop about being tired, hungry, thirsty, bored etc.
But today she actually did pretty good and I got a lot done.
I'm thinking it might have gone well because the entire trip had to do with her picking out stuff for herself.
She got her outfit to wear for her upcoming 5th Birthday party and she helped pick out some new Summer pj's for her and Brooklyn.
We did have one little melt down after a stop to Party City but other than that it was a good day!
Once we got back home Kayla wanted to finish up her painting which then of course led to Brooklyn wanting to paint something too
Brooklyn's painting got cut short when she decided that instead of painting on the paper she would paint herself instead.
Apparently her legs, hands and face needed some color.
Sorry for no picture of that.
 After dinner and baths the girls watched Bambi II and then headed to bed.
The weekend seemed to fly by but it was nice spending all day Saturday enjoying the warm weather and then spending Sunday getting things done with a little added fun as well!
Now I'm off to enjoy some alone time and watch the season premier of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.
How was everybody else' weekend?



Colleen said...

love that picture of you and your girl!! Gorgeous! We have that blue pool too. So funny. I am jealous of your nice weather. It's pouring rain here today.

Cyn said...

You and your little girls are so beautiful! How amazing was the weather this weekend? Looking forward for a perfect summer =) Have a fun week!

Sabrina said...

I can't wait for kiddie pool time! That event at Anthro looked awesome... someday when my baby is older! And I think it's awesome you went to the Corner Bakery. We don't have those here in MN, but whenever I'm in Chicago, I always go! YUM!

Mrs. Dunbar said...

Hello there! What a great weekend. Watercolor's in Anthro, how fun. And Kayla did a great job on her painting. Atleast there's hope for her wanting to go shopping with you one day. For me, there is no hope. Ha.

Put some aloe on your skin. Hope it feels better soon.