Thursday, April 26, 2012

Favorites ~ Around the home

Happy Thursday Everyone!
Can you believe there is only a few more days until we are in May.
Kayla turns 5 next week so I've been gathering party supplies for next weekends Hello Kitty party.
I'm just about done with all that but still need to find her a present which I have no clue what to get so if any of you have any suggestions I would love to hear??

I thought I would share a few things around our home that make me happy lately since this is pretty much where we have been the last week due to the rainy weather we have had.
I can't believe we went from perfect Summer weather this past weekend to nothing but cloudy rainy weather this whole week.
Let's just hope it's nice and sunny next week since we will be celebrating a 5th Birthday!

Since it has been rainy all week I have been cutting my roses and bringing them inside to enjoy.
No need to keep them outside when I can't even go out to enjoy them.
This little spot in the house is always a favorite of mine.
Just looks so cute and cozy!

Here is a peak of our rose garden area out back.
I'll be adding some more bushes to the side of the house soon!

I recently got a fun new Anthro apron.
If I could buy everything from that store I would!

I'm loving the crochet/lace look on things right now!

My little computer area,
I look forward to naptime just so I can actually sit and read through a few favorite blogs or watch some favorite recorded  t.v. shows

There is always a yummy smelling candle in the house
Love all of the beachy scents out right now

Katie Daisy artwork.
I try not to buy everything from her shop but it is really, really hard!
see those little hints of lace in there?
told ya, it's my new favorite thing :)

Alright I couldn't do a Favorites, Around the Home without including the absolute cutest things that are in my home!!!

That's all for now, 
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Cyn said...

Have fun getting ready for Kayla's party :) Love that Anthro apron, I have one too and I never want to use it, it's too pretty lol. Have a great weekend!

Kelli said...

A birthday party fun!
I just love your home. I am wondering if it is hard to keep your white couch and chair clean?

Heather said...

Your home looks so pretty. I wish I had such style. Your girls are adorable too. They both have such beautiful, infectious smiles. :)

Colleen said...

Cute pictures Shannon! I have a confession. I have never been to Anthropologie! I have heard alot about it but have never gone there. love the apron and the new print!

SSM said...

Very cute!

Don't you just love the things that make your house a Home!

Genn said...

LOVE your new apron!!!
SO cute.

I hear ya on looking forward to naptime! Oh boy do I hear ya!

Sabrina said...

You have such great style!!! Your home always looks so warm & inviting!
And I love Katie Daisy! Isn't her work so sweet?!! :)
Have fun planning the party... I'm in party planning mode around her too! :)