Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Phone Dump

Although I don't have a fancy schmancy cell phone, which should hopefully change soon ;) I still take pics with it now and then.
Here are a few images I captured this week.

The girls waiting patiently on the way to Gram and Papa's house

They were not so happy when I had to stop to pick up my all time favorite coffee drink.
How I wish Coffee Bean could be on every corner like Starbucks is!

This train set gets the all time favorite toy award in our house somebody is always playing with it.

The laundry room is in the middle of being painted
My goal for today is to finish it but I'm not sure if that is going to happen unless the sun comes out
I would much rather cuddle under a blanket and watch cartoons with my girls if it's overcast out

The Hello Kitty Party Center
Here lies all of the party junk for Kayla's big 5th Birthday.
I can't believe I'm going to have a 5 year old!

That's all for this week.
I'll try to remember to post my weekly phone pics now and then and hopefully someday soon I'll have an Instagram account for everyone to follow!


Sabrina said...

Ooh I hope you do get Instagram! It's so fun, and I know you will take awesome photos!! Have a great weekend!!!

Heather said...

The new color for your laundry room is soooo pretty. Do you know what it is? Love all the Hello Kitty stuff!

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Looks like a fun party to be.My 12 year old still likes Hello Kitty! I can't believe I have a 21 year old.I can remember when she was 5 :( makes me sad.Love seeing your Girls it reminds me of mine when they were lil and all the fun things we got to do together~Cheers Kim

Kacey said...

I am obsessed with Instagram - can't wait until you can join in on the obsession!

Colleen said...

Same as Kacey - I am so obsessed with instagram. I love it!! I have a Droid so it's new to me. Hope the party went great! Can't wait to see your pics. Also, I now want a coffee after seeing what you posted.