Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weekend Recap

I intended on posting this yesterday but the days have been crazy since I'm in party planning mode plus I haven't really felt like going through all the pictures I have taken lately.
So since today is cold and rainy outside I figured I could set aside some time to get things together ;)
First let's complain about our weather....yesterday was perfect!
I cleaned off the back patio, brought out all the girls toys and set out all the cushions.
We even ate dinner outside!
This morning we woke up to heavy drizzle and me bringing everything back into the garage.
Can it please just stay warm and sunny from here on out!!!

Okay now on to our weekend.
Kayla had T-ball Saturday morning and then we went to lunch with my parents.
I'm a little sad that there are only 3 more games left and then the season will be over.
It's been so fun watching her play, I've looked forward to every game and I'm glad she really enjoys it as well.

After lunch the girls took naps because we had to head to my in-laws to celebrate hubby's Noni's 85th Birthday.
We were all excited to go, Kayla and Brooklyn couldn't wait to run around and play with their cousins and I couldn't wait to see the family we had not seen in awhile.

Love these pictures of Brooklyn mischievously help put candles on the cake


The girls got to hang out with their cousin Logan who taught them all kinds of boy things,
like making fart noises on their arms,
they thought he was hilarious and it was pretty fun watching them sit at the table cracking up at each other.
Brought back some memories of all of us cousins at the table before we all had kids making each other laugh at family gatherings.

It was such a fun night we ended up staying pretty late, we didn't want to take the girls away from all the fun they were having.

Sunday we took it easy in the morning and in the afternoon I ran a few errands trying to gather some last minute party goodies and find a present for Kayla.
We played in the yard in the evening and did homework, basically just got ready for the week ahead.

We will be going to Disneyland this week for Kayla's 5th Birthday and then celebrating with friends and family on Saturday with a Hello Kitty Party.
I'm actually pretty excited for this Birthday but still can't believe 5 years have already gone by!


Colleen said...

adorable pictures Shannon. It's the same here today. Woke up to pouring rain. It's dark, dreary and just raw! Bring back the sun! have fun this weekend with the birthday activities!

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Ewe, I know the weather is ugly here again too! I have enjoyed the nicer days for sure.

So Sweet making memories your Girls will always cherish.Family time is beautiful!

Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend.Thanks for sharing.

~Cheers Kim

Kelli said...

Love your pictures as always...your kids are so cute!

Our weather has been crazy here in northern ca. as well. 90 this weekend now rain tomorrow.

Sounds like a fun week and weekend ahead! My little one will be 5 in July and she is all ready telling me what she wants for birthday.

KERRY said...

Happy 5th Birthday Kayla!! Enjoy Disneyland :)

SSM said...

Hello Shannon,

Love that last picture of the girls.

I also love the name Logan.

Good luck with the party planning.

Enjoy your day!

Cyn said...

Have fun in Disneyland! I'm sure Kayla will love speding her birthday with Mickey =)