Wednesday, May 23, 2012

End of the Season

T-ball came to an end a couple of weeks ago and I forgot to do a post with the last few pics I had.
Kayla really enjoyed this season and was sad it was over, hubby and I were too.
It was so fun going to watch her play every Saturday even if it was getting a little too hot to sit out there during the games ;)
By the end of the season Kayla and her team seemed to get the hang of how to play the game and improved quite a bit.

They all became best lil' buddies and had a blast at their pizza/trophy party.

 I'm looking forward to next year when we will be able to have both of the girls playing.


Colleen said...

these are great! she is so cute with her name on the back of her shirt. love it!

Kelli said...

She is so cute! That first trophy is just so exciting!

Cindy said...

oh those trophies make it all worth it don't they!:) what a smile. love your mtn view during the games:)
have a happy day shannon