Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Phone Dump

It's Friday once again and I have a whole lot of instagram photos for you this week.
I'm having too much fun taking photos of our everyday little happenings around here.

Matching Pj's are the cutest!

The girls patiently waiting for Mommy to get ready

on our way to Noni and Papa Buzz's house

The Birthday Boy

Noni loves her kitties ;)

Saturday Margarita's!

Being Silly

Brooklyn not feeling too well Sunday afternoon

Kayla obviously feeling just fine

My pretty hydrangeas

RIO, Brooklyn's favorite movie.  
She loves dancing along to this.

Chicken Picatta for dinner

Kayla all ready to stay with Grandma & Papa

What the cheese looks like after Brooklyn gets a hold of it while we are out shopping

Alright that is finally all of them.
Hope everyone has a safe and fun Memorial Day Weekend!!!


Kelli said...

Love the pj's! Oh hydrangeas my favorite. I can not get them to grow in my yard.
Looks like you had a busy week!

Genn said...

Such cute phone pics.
your girls are just adorable Shann.
I love that movie Rio too, it's so cute. Claire loves dancing to that as well.
Seriously I bet our girls would hit it off so well!

Colleen said...

Love Rio and the music is cute too. Love the matching nightgowns. Your piccata dinner looks so yummy!!!

KERRY said...

I am loving all of your pics on Instagram Shannon!

SSM said...

The chicken looks great!