Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Room Of Her Own

A couple of weeks ago hubby came home and I had had it with fighting with the girls to take naps so I immediately told him "that's it they are back in their own rooms tonight" It was mainly Brooklyn who was the trouble maker in this situation. 
Kayla would lay there trying to fall asleep and Brooklyn would get out of bed, play, scream, pull all the books out of the bookcase etc.
 Although Kayla is 5 she still needs a nap, if she doesn't have a nap we are pretty much guaranteed a huge melt down come bath time. 

Now that the girls are back in their own rooms we have not had one single problem!
 I was worried how it would work especially with Brooklyn, I thought she would be scared being in a room all by herself but she was so excited.

She ran to her bed the first night saying "my big girl bed, my big girl bed" 
It is nice having them in their own spaces and being able to decorate for their own personalities.
Brooklyn is definitely my girlie girl so lots of pink and dolls are found scattered around.

I kept Brooklyn's duvet the same as the one they had when they shared rooms.
I will eventually buy her a new one but right now the $19 Ikea one suits the room just fine.
It was nice to pull out the original decor I had put away for when we used this room as the playroom.
I love the wall letters spelling out her name that I got from The Land of Nod when she was a baby.

The alphabet flower cards are also from The Land of Nod.
Love that place, they always have original and cute room decor for kids rooms.

Brooklyn's favorite book is always close by!
How I would love to buy her one of those dolls handmade by Jess Brown but for $189.00 I think not :)

She loves her big girl room and so do I. 
The room is so peaceful and pretty.
I'll be back with Kayla's room next week, if I can get it cleaned up a bit ;)

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Colleen said...

such a cute space Shannon. love the wall letters and the alphabet cards too.

Kiri said...

Very cute! Glad to hear it solved the sleeping situation too ;)

Kelli said...

Love the room! I really want to redo Juliana's room but I hope to find a new house soon...maybe if I redo the room we WILL find a house:)
Have a great afternoon!

KERRY said...

Hey Shannon,
Brooklyn's room is so pretty and girly and very tidy. I wish my kids had tidy rooms!
Good to hear the transition went well splitting up their sleeping arrangements :)

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

Love her room! It makes me want to go through my girl's rooms and start the purging!


Genn said...

Aw, maybe she just needs her own space. :) I hope this solves the problem for you!
Her room is too cute.

And super cute pics from Memorial Day too.

I haven't blogged in almost a week! I hope I do soon.

Sabrina said...

I love everything! It's such a sweet and cute room!

The banner is my favorite! cute!!!

Kacey said...

Brooklyn's room looks lovely! It sounds like things are so much more peaceful in your house now.

We have the same issues, but at bedtime (my boys are done with naps). I think often about putting them back in their own rooms!

Cyn said...

This rom is perfect! How I miss the time when April was a little girl. Enjoy every moment =) Have a great weekend!

Jenny@daysofchalkandchocolate said...

It's so sweet! I love all your pretty girly touches!