Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last Day of Preschool

Today was Kayla's last day of Preschool FOREVER!
It wasn't too big of a deal to me until I actually got her in the car, drove there and realized I wouldn't be taking her this way ever again.
Then once I got her there and watched her run to the swings, exactly as she did on her very first day 2 years ago, I didn't want to leave.
She was all smiles talking to her "buddies" which she is very sad she will not see next year because they are all going to different schools.
I stood and watched her forever, thinking how small she was just two years ago when she first came to this school.

2010 First Day of School

Eventually I pulled myself away and as I walked back to the car I got teary eyed followed by balling my eyes out once I got into the car.
I couldn't stop thinking about how fast it has already gone by.
For the past two years she was my cute little preschooler and now she will be going to Elementary school and in Kindergarten.
Passing by big kids that are 10 and soon enough she will be one of them!

It goes by way too fast but definitely has made me spend the morning thinking of all the stuff I need to not take for granted anymore.
Next year Kayla will be gone 5 days a week and I am going to miss her so much!
I hope we have a great Summer together enjoying the time that is left before this little girl grows up and is too cool to hang out with her Mommy.

Tonight is her graduation, let's hope I can hold it together and not cry the whole time.
I'll be back with Graduation Pics soon!


Kelli said...

I was there last Friday. I did fine until I put her to bed that night....I went to my room and cried and cried and cried.
She is so cute. I just love her smile.
Good luck!

Sabrina said...

She has grown so much in those pictures! I bet I would've balled too!
Time goes by so fast!

KERRY said...

Wow Shannon Kayla certainly has grown since her very first day! And I think she looks just like Brooklyn in the pic of her on the swing :)
It goes by so fast but every year will bring new adventures, friendships and milestones. I totally understand your tears about it though, I was the same way with my two older kids and now my daughter is in high school. In the blink of an eye they grow up and I don't think we ever really keep up with it all.
She is going to love school though!
It'll be hard for you at first but you will get used to it...:)
Have a great summer with her!!

Jennifer S. said...

Oh it goes so fast doesn't it!? My Faith will be going into 4th hard to believe! You have the right attitude though, focus on her this summer and make it great! Everythng will be ok, I promise. To tell you the truth, I am super sad about Annie going to Kindergarten this fall. :( I will be left with just one. Sigh.

Genn said...

Well thanks for the cry this morning!!!

Ah, it's SO bittersweet isn't it?

I don't like the sound of "5 days a week!" Right now H only goes 4 days and 5 sounds like so many!

Hope her graduation was fun and you made it through! ;)

Colleen said...

awww, it's so sad isn't it? I felt the same way when E went for her last day. it goes way too fast!

Karina said...

My goodness. How cute. Is that really the same lunch box? How ever did you manage to kep it clean? I understand those feelings completely. I watched mine " graduate" as she goes to middle school next year. Gulp the time goes so fast with these little ones.