Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Phone Dump

Okay I couldn't pass up sharing my Instagram pics from this past week! 
I'm not including the Vegas Pics from our little vacation, you'll have to click on my Instagram button to see those these are just a peek into our daily life.

An adorable picture Kayla made for me while she stayed at Gramma and Papa's for a few days.
She must have missed me a tiny bit!

The girls were so excited when we picked them up and told them they didn't have to take naps but fell asleep anyway!

Standing next to Marilyn Monroe's shoe in Palm SpringsBrooklyn was not into being a part of the picture....odd!

Pretty flowers

my buddy and I hanging out in the backyard on Memorial Day

 our Summer List all done!


The girls enjoying dessert together

just cruisin' around the neighborhood

 on our way to take a walk

the girls both enjoy taking turns to walk the dog

Summer goodies for the girls and a bracelet for the graduate 

my Friday morning,
the girls putting a DVD in and then taking off leaving me watching it
Never Fails!

Time for swimsuits and suntan lotion
It's our first day of Summer Vacation so we will be outside all day.
Hope everyone has a great Weekend!


Cyn said...

Oh I remember this pics! We should totally have an instagam Friday post every week =) Happy Friday!

Genn said...

Cute post, cute pics!

I feel like now that I can do instagram I am NEVER picking up my big camera! I miss it and then I don't. It's just so easy with the cell sometimes isn't it?!

Colleen said...

love these!! happy weekend Shannon!

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

Love all of your photos. I always love to see what you and the girls are up to :)
Your roses look so pretty along the fence. I also love the iron bench with the thick cushion, ~love~ it!!