Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

Daddy woke up to homemade french toast with berry butter as requested.
I used Pioneer Woman's recipe and as always it was delicious.

After the kitchen was all cleaned up the girls brought in daddy's presents.

One of the gifts from the girls was a bunch of questions about daddy that I had the girls answer and then I wrote them all down for him to read and on the back of the paper they drew a picture of what he looked like.
Some of the answers I got from the girls were quite hilarious.
Brooklyn declared that daddy's favorite food was "worms and applesauce"
Kayla described daddy as "21 years old, weighing 90 lbs and 12 feet tall"
We all got a kick out of their answers ;)

I also took a picture of each of the girls next to a chalkboard stating what their favorite thing to do with daddy was.

After some morning lounging around the house we got ready and headed out to our first stop to visit hubby's step-dad.
We hung out for awhile and chatted and then headed over to my parents to finish out the day.
The day sort of turned when we arrived to find out that my dad needed to take my grandfather to the E.R. because something was wrong.
My dad ended up being gone all day and my grandfather had to stay in the hospital overnight but luckily he is being released today and is doing better.
So as you can tell the day didn't turn out like we had hoped it would, I didn't get any pictures of my dad with the girls or my grandfather, in fact I didn't really take any pictures while we were there.
 It wasn't quite the Father's day celebration we had hoped for but I'm just glad my grandfather is okay and the girls and I still have such amazing 'Father's' in our lives!


Colleen said...

I hope your grandfather is ok. Love the girls' answers to the questions. So funny where they come up with this stuff.

Genn said...

Shannon this was the cutest father's day post I've seen. Adorable. Loved your gift ideas!!!! I will remember these for next year!! So clever.

Great pictures.

And glad your Gpa is okay! Sorry the day didn't go quite the way you all hoped.

Tracey said...

Such great pictures of your girls and their dad! Glad your grandfather is doing better. said...

Loving the picture of Daddy with his girlies. What adorable gifts the girls made for him. You are so creative. Sending prayers your way for your grandfather. Lots of love, Valerie

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

You always have the best way of showing us your days and making us wish we were there with you. You seem to always do the sweetest things, like the thoughtful Father's Day gifts. So special!
I hope your grandfather is on the mend, how wonderful to have so many family members for the girls.


Jennifer S. said...

The pictures of the girls with their daddy are just too precious!!
I am glad your grandpa is doing better :)
Love the photo idea with the chalkboards too! So cute!

Val said...

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

KERRY said...

Sorry to hear your Grandfather is, or was, unwell Shannon...hope he gets better soon.
These pics are gorgeous of the girls with their daddy!