Friday, July 6, 2012

4th of July

One of my favorite parts of Summer is our 4th of July party we have every year it is something the girls and  I look forward to every Summer.
Every year we invite our parents, siblings and a few close friends to come out and celebrate the day with us.
The day always includes a water balloon toss which is followed by a water balloon fight, sangria, good food, fireworks, the bouncer for the kids and prizes.
This year we added in potato sack races which was fun for the girls and great to watch as well ;)
It was a great day as it is every year always ending late into the evening with two very tired little girls  watching the fireworks from the backyard.

Our fourth in photos...

Such a great day!



SSM said...


You look so pretty in these pictures and your party looks like it was so much fun.

Enjoy your weekend! :)

Kelli said...

Love your mantel. What did you wrap around the mason jar? I just love your home.

Jennifer S. said...

Gorgeous family and photos! What a fun party! You are so pretty girl!
Have a great weekend! xo

Karina said...

Look how cute youall are. Whata fun day.

KERRY said...

Great pics of your gorgeous family Shannon, you certainly know how to decorate really well too :)
Looks like a lot of fun was had!!

Sheri said...

Your party looked super cute. Love those dresses the girls are wearing! Your one good mama. xo

Colleen said...

ok first, love the picture of your little family!! looks like you had so much fun on the 4th. I love that banner too.

(can you tell I am behind on my reading!)

katygirl said...

This is so cute!!

{cuppakim} said...

your 4th banner is AMAZING.

and all of these outfits.
this post is super true to the red white and blue!


thanks for linking up! :)

Cyn said...

I love the last picture! You have a beautiful family, looks like you guys had a blast =)