Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ten On Ten

It's that time again,  July's Ten on Ten!

Summer is just flying by, Kayla will be starting 

Kindergarten in about a month from today.

It's crazy how thrown off I feel having Summer 

starting in the beginning of June instead of the en

of it.

We've been having fun but it feels like there is still

 so much more we need to do.

This week we will be taking it easy since our temps 

are in the low 100's until Thursday.

Hopefully this will be the only week of Summer 

with the temps this high but I'm doubting it.

Here's how we spent this Summer day staying cool, 


Time for breakfast

 8 am

filling up the pool for some morning fun in the sun before it gets unbearable out there

9 am

addressing bridal shower invites 

 10 am

some painting to keep the girls entertained

 11 am

Brooklyn dancing to the beginning of Rio

12 pm

finishing up lunch

 1 pm

catching up on my shows while the girls are napping


getting ready to make a pasta salad for dinner made with our freshly picked tomatoes and basil


reading a magazine

4 pm

Back outside to play

daddy's grilling some steaks and the 

pasta salad is all made.

It's been a hot one, I don't know how they stay 

outside but I guess if I was playing in the water I 

would be alright as well.

Thanks for stopping by :)

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Colleen said...

wow, she goes back in a month! that is so early. E doesn't go until after Labor Day - I think!

So.... you are hosting a bridal shower too?!! Me too in two weeks and I have done nothing but the invites!! Have any cute ideas to share?

Mattie said...

What a fun summer day! Dropping in from 10 on 10!

Andrea said...

Summer!! Isn't it great? Great photos...love your header.

Kelli said...

Looks like a great day. I love your butter dish!

summersoul said...

I know that I have probably said this before but your girls have the most darling eyes. Enjoy the warmth. It is foggy, misty and about 50 degrees here in SF.