Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer In Snapshots

Wed. July 4th

Last Wednesday we celebrated the 4th of July.
Click here to read about what we did.

Thur. July 5th

As you can imagine after celebrating the 4th we were exhausted so this day we spent lounging and doing some cleaning up from the party.

Fri. July 6th

We woke up Friday morning and went to Target to get some shopping done, stopped in at Barnes & Noble so I could look through a few magazines while the girls played with the trains and then headed to Chikfila for lunch.  When daddy got home we headed over to his parents house for dinner.
It was a busy Friday!

Sat. July 7th

In the morning I got a text from Kayla's t-ball team mom asking if we wanted to come over for the UFC fight
Kayla was so excited to see her old teammate and it was a lot of fun to meet some new people and watch all the kids have a blast together.

Sun. July 8th

Since Kayla will start Kindergarten in a little over a month from now and we only have 2 weekends open until then I decided we needed to get some back to school shopping done.
She was not looking forward to walking around outside in the heat all day and I was worried how the whining was going to go but we actually ended up having a great time together.  

Mon. July 9th

Monday was a hang around the house kinda day.
Kayla decided she wanted to tackle a puzzle that she had gotten for her birthday but once opened and started to put it together she lost patience with it which was bound to happen they were way too small for her to deal with at this age.
We watched movies most of the day and tried to stayed inside all day, it was 100 degrees so it was a good way to spend the day ;)

Tues July 10th

It's still in the 100's so we played outside in the early morning and then again into the evening.
You can see more of our day here.

The temps. are supposed to go down into the weekend so hopefully we can enjoy being outside a little more for the rest of the week.


Colleen said...

adorable pictures! love the one of the two of them with their stuffed animals.

Kelli said...

Looks like a fun week. I started school shopping today. My kids go back on August 13th.

Genn said...

Hi Shannon!!

I am catching up on my favorite blogs today. Our had some good posts that I missed! I just loved all of your beach pictures! The boogie boarding looked like a blast.

Your 4th party looked so fun and festive. I LOVE your cute top and red necklace and your hubs shirt was so festive too.

I need to do a little school shop prep too. We leave in a couple weeks for 7 days at the beach and then when we get back school starts! Crazy how short summer seems now! We didn't even get our play date yet! One day we will!

Stay cool my friend. :)

Genn said...

You had some good posts that I missed * not Our*

I'm on jakes iPad ;)

Jennifer S. said...

Isn't being a stay at home mom the best!? We are so lucky to be able to do these things with our girlies and see them grow up! Ugh....not ready for school though. ;) You always inspire me! Love Naartjie! Have a great weekend!