Friday, July 13, 2012


Can you believe the month of July is already half way over?
I know, time is flying by!

We've been keeping busy and I feel like we are just now getting into the swing of Summer and it's just about over.
The past week has been out of control hot and humid with temps in the low 100's.

Last night we woke up to thunder so loud it would shake the house, followed by lightening brightening up the bedroom every so often.

It was pretty crazy,  I was so tired I didn't even get up to look outside which I normally would have done because it is beautiful to see sometimes.
The girls didn't even wake up which I thought for sure someone was going to wake up scared and  crying
They were too pooped from spending the day at my parents, swimming, coloring and playing angry birds ;)

It looks like we have scattered thunderstorms for the weekend but atleast the temps are going to be cooling off to the 90's.
Not much planned for the weekend, hubby is working Saturday and when he gets home I'll be spending some time searching for dresses for me for upcoming weddings we have to go to in September.
Oh and I'm also working on opening up an Etsy shop with some handmade goodies and maybe a few photo prints so I'll be busy creating this weekend as well.

Hope everyone is staying cool this Summer.
Happy Weekend!


Colleen said...

Cute pictures! Good for u shannon. I cant wait to check it out. Please keep me posted!

Sheri said...

yay for you. good luck with your shop - can't wait to see it. have a great weekend :)

Kelli said...

How exciting and Etsy shop! Looking forward to checking it out when it is open.
Have a great weekend!

Genn said...

An etsy shop? I bet it will be filled with cute-ness!!!

I love the girls swimsuits! So summery and cute.

I have been wondering how in the WORLD we are going to get back into the habit of getting up in the am and ready for school. Big sigh. I want summer to stay!