Monday, July 16, 2012

Over The Weekend

Happy Monday, hope everyone had a good weekend!
 We spent the weekend relaxing at home.
This was our very last weekend of Summer that we had nothing planned.
 Every upcoming Saturday or Sunday from here on out is booked meaning it's gonna fly by and before we know it, school will be starting!

Since hubby was working Saturday morning I decided to tackle the guest room closet,

I have been wanting a spot for crafting but I also knew it had to be out of reach from the girls.
I don't think it would be a good idea if they got into my supplies.
I was pretty successful if I do say so myself,
it now looks like this,

Much better!
It's the perfect spot to do my crafts and have everything together.
It has worked out great and I've already created a lot of fun stuff in here.
My Etsy store should be up and running by the end of the week with about 15 goodies.
I'll be adding to it for awhile but I figured I would open up what I've got done so far.
Here is a little sneak peak of what's in store,

There are a few prints, necklaces, frames and vintage items.
Hope you guys will like it!


Alright onto the rest of the weekend,
Sunday the girls played in the backyard all morning, took long naps and then woke up and played outside some more.

A fun and relaxing weekend with the girls before all the bridal showers, birthdays, weddings and bachelor/bachelorette parties begin!


tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

oh how I love organization. that looks awesome!!
and the girls ... adorable.

Kelli said...

The closet looks like the perfect spot to craft. Excited for your new etsy fun.

Colleen said...

yay! so excited for you. so nice to have your own little space. adorable pictures of the girls. their smiles always make me smile!

Genn said...

You had a very productive weekend! Way to go! Your crafting space looks so cute.

Love the pics of the girls in the yard too. Such cutie pies :)

Jennifer S. said...

Yay for an etsy shop! SO exciting! I am trying to get my act together on mine!

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

What an amazing craft corner you have created! I absolutely love it. The girls are adorable as ever :) Can't wait to see the new etsy shop!


Kacey said...

I love that you have a crafting space in your closet - how fun! Excited to see your Etsy shop...