Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer in Snapshots

Another week down :(
Only a few more to go until I have an official Kindergartner and have to wake up early 5 days a week!!!!
Not looking forward to that, I love the lazy Summer days of lounging in the mornings when we have nothing to do.
Here's some of the lounging we did this past week.
 I forgot to take a picture last Wednesday so you are getting an instagram pic.

  Wed. 7/11

We spent Wednesday night meeting up with some friends for the concert in the park.
We saw KC Cool and the Gang.
It was a fun night watching the girls dance around and catching up with friends.

Thurs. 7/12

Thursday we spent the day at my parents.
The girls never complain when I tell them we are going over there ;)
I did some shopping with my mom while the girls hung out with Papa and when we got back they went swimming.
It was a good day.

 Fri. 7/13

Friday morning the girls brought out a bunch of their stamps and markers.
They ended ups spending most of the morning playing with these while I did some crafting.
For dinner we met my father in law for pizza at our favorite pizza joint and then all came back and watched The Goofy Movie with the girls.
Perfect way to end the night ;)

 Sat. 7/14

Saturday morning I spent cleaning out the guest closet and turning it into my craft room and then once hubby got off of work I ran a bunch of errands while the girls stayed home and played.
We fit in some ice cream cones for dessert that night since it was National Ice Cream day and all.

Sun. 7/15

We spent the entire Sunday at home and most of it in the backyard watching the girls play outside.
It was a relaxing day to say the least, wishing we had more weekends ahead of nothing like this but it's not looking good.

Mon. 7/16

Yes the girls are in their Halloween costumes from last year.
Every once in awhile they ask to wear them again and they pretend they are animals living in the wild.  
Monday happened to be one of those days ;)

Tues. 7/17

Tuesday morning my parents came out to watch Brooklyn while I had to take Kayla for her 5 year check up.
Poor girl got way too many shots to get her ready for Kindergarten.
Not so fun listening to her scream and cry that loud, she HATES shots!
Afterward we stopped at Taco Bell for lunch followed by Walmart for her to use some leftover Birthday money to pick out a toy.
The rest of the day the girls spent playing together, as you can see.

Only a few more Summer in Snapshots left!


Sheri said...

Such cute pics. I love all the pics of your girls. Can't believe your big girl is starting "K". My baby is going to be a Jr. - time flies so fast! Enjoy the rest of the summer :)

Colleen said...

aww so sweet! Enjoy your remaining days off where you don't have to get up : )

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

I love these lazy summer days with my girls, too. I also dread school starting back up, no more sleeping in! Love seeing your beautiful girls!