Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bridal Shower

Saturday afternoon my mom and I hosted a bridal shower for my soon to be sister in law.
It was a small intimate gathering since most of her family and friends live on the east coast and had already given her her first bridal shower.

We aren't big on the whole game thing that comes along with bridal or baby showers but we did play one,
'How well does the Bride know the Groom?'
this one was fun learning a bit more about the Groom, my brother, and then hearing the Brides answers as well.
Here's the bride trying to fill in her answers,

We played this when everyone first arrived to sort of get the party started it was fun listening to all the guests answers and then hearing what the groom actually said.

After the game we grabbed some food and headed outside in the hot sun!
We kept it simple with pasta salad, fruit salad, a green salad and a few sandwhich platters.

Everyone eventually moved back inside because it was way too hot to be out for too long.
This worked out well since it was just about time to have the bride to be open her presents.

I loved seeing all the fun stuff she received.

She registered for the fiestaware but every place setting in a different color so in the end their place settings will be rainbow colors.
It was all so pretty, I wish I would have gotten pictures of it, darn it!

Kayla was proud to help her soon to be aunt open up presents.

We thought Brooklyn was watching a movie in the master but was later found taking a little nap.
I guess the party was a little too much for her.

Once presents were all opened it was time for dessert.
I made vanilla cupcakes and added some pretty blue sprinkles.
My mom and I couldn't find any cute bridal shower cupcake decorations that we liked so we just used bridal shower stickers and toothpicks to make our own.

Oh and Brooklyn woke up just in time for dessert ;)

Soon enough the day came to an end and each guest had to go.
It was a fun day celebrating the bride to be.
We all love her and are so excited to have her 'officially' become a part of our family!


Colleen said...

Adorable!!! simple but so elegant. Nice job Shannon. Love your little cupcake toppers you made too.

picture of Brooklyn sleeping is too cute!

Becca said...

I loved it all!! Thanks so much again! Can't wait to officially be part of your family too!

Kelli said...

What a beautiful shower Shannon! I love all of the little touches you added.
I have a question for you....I have some blue jars like the ones you on your fireplace that I would like to put pictures in. What size pictures did you use? 4x6? I put some in and they just did not look right.
Enjoy your Sunday! said...

Oh your shower was absolutely lovely! You might think of a party planning career when the girlies get a little older?! Happy week Shannon.

WhiteWhispers2u said...

How sweet and fun.Best Wishes~Cheers Kim

Kiri said...

Looks like the perfect shower! Love the cupcakes! and you are so pretty! :)

Jennifer S. said...

SO beautiful! What a great sister you are!
Love the pic of Brooklyn! Made me chuckle :D

Sheri said...

Great job Shannon. I love it all. The cupcakes are adorable. Good luck to you with your little one going to school next week.

Sheri said...

Great job Shannon. I love it all. The cupcakes are adorable. Good luck to you with your little one going to school next week.

Harri Davison said...

What beautiful presentation of everything, so feminine and sophisticated xxx

Shannon Heick said...

i really love the mantle! the party was great but the mantle is sooo fly! love it!