Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Just a usual Summer morning around our home.
The girls eating breakfast then watching some cartoons while I try to read a few fav. blogs online.
As you can see I often get interrupted with little bouncy children.
Eventually we peeled ourselves off of the couch and got dressed.
I promised the girls we would go to the bookstore and Chikfila for lunch.
I also threw in a few other stops in between to get some needed errands done which nobody complained about since they new if they were good they were gonna be able to eat at their favorite lunch spot.

When it was time to leave nobody complained.
They both climbed in the car and Brooklyn quickly said 'thank you mommy' which she always does, sweet girl.
When we got home I told them they had to take naps but I would read them their new book they got from Chikfila first.
Kayla told me over and over she was 'soooo tired' with her big kid personality thrown in almost sounding like a teenager these days! 
 I was happy to hear she was tired because I knew that meant for sure it was going to be a good nap day!!

Both of the girls took long naps giving me some time to catch up on some Real Housewives I had recorded and clean the house up a bit.
When Kayla woke up she asked to play angry birds which is a treat around our house.
I don't often let her play it so she was excited to sit and play for awhile.
Brooklyn eventually woke up from her nap as well and we spent the rest of the day lounging and staying out of the 100 plus temperatures!

It's been unbearably hot the past week so we've been keeping dinners light.
We had chicken caesar salad with french bread and strawberries.
It was the perfect light meal and easy to make which is even better on a lazy day ;)
Today the girls have already gone swimming and played out back and it's only 9:30am.
It's supposed to be around 105 degrees today so I'm pretty sure we will be staying inside for the rest of the day.
Hope you're staying cool wherever you are!
See you all Friday for Ten on Ten.

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Colleen said...

Sounds like a nice relaxing day. I am very jealous right now as I type this from my office!!!!!!!!!!!! hope you have a good rest of the day : )

{cindy} said...

hi shannon! popping by to catch up a bit:) sounds like you are having the kind of days we are...minus the chick fil a!! oh how i wish we had one of those!!!:)
have a happy day

Kelli said...

Looks like a relaxing kind of a day to me! It is HOT here as well 105 tomorrow.

Sheri said...

Enjoy the last days of summer with your beauties. They are so darn cute. It is also hot here in Florida - I'm getting too old for this - LOL. Be blessed :)

Jennifer S. said...

Oh I wish we had a chick-fil-a! I am so ready for these hot temps to be gone too. It is supposed to be in the low 80's tomorrow so thats good. Which Real Housewives do you watch? I am a New York and Jersey fan :)

KERRY said...

Cute pics Shannon! Sounds hot over there but it also sounds like you are making the most of your summer. Have a great weekend!!

Val said...

This is what I call a perfect Summers Day.