Monday, August 13, 2012

End of Summer Picnic 2012

Last year we started a tradition of our end of Summer picnic.
Since school will be starting on Wednesday we decided to have our picnic this past Friday.
I packed up our lunches, made sure my camera was charged and off we went up the mountain.

We made a quick stop at a fun spot so we could "explore" and I could get some pictures ;)
It was extremely hot even up the mountain where it is usually much cooler so we didn't stay very long exploring.

Regardless of the heat the girls still had fun throwing sticks, rocks whatever they could find into the water and watching them float downstream.  

I love, love, love everything about this picture below.

Dandelions are so fun!

I was sad we didn't get to roam around as much as usual but Fall is not far off and hopefully soon enough it will cool off so we can go back.

When we got to our picnic spot we set up under a big shady tree and ate our pb & jelly sandwhiches.
Soon the girls were all done so I brought out some books to read and gave them each a fun candy.

Soon enough they were up and running.
They love hearing stories so they can act out what is happening as they hear it so I did a lot of story telling while they were little actresses. 
They got this from my dad who is the best story teller!

Eventually the shade under our tree was gone and as they ran around I began melting away.
I sat there as long as I could until finally I had to tell them we needed to go.
I promised them we would come back soon and we headed back down the hill.

Another great picnic at our favorite spot!

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Harri Davison said...

adorable pictures, your girls are so sweet!

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Looks like a fun memorable day! School already, seems so early~Cheers Kim

Kelli said...

What a beautiful place! You are so lucky to have such a pretty place like that close by.
Have a great Monday!

Jennifer S. said...

What gorgeous pics of beautiful girlies! My fave photo is the one you liked the most too! Precious!

KERRY said...

Great pictures Shannon!! Looks like a lovely spot for a picnic :)

Colleen said...

adorable pictures of the girls. that place looks perfect for a picnic.

Rosalyn K. said...

I love these picts...picts of kids playing are so happy and posing no stress..just fun..I love taking pictures of my kids esp when they dont know im taking them!!