Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Today Kayla started "big kid school" atleast that's what we call it around here.
She was so excited this morning she came strolling down the hallway saying 'yippee today's the first day of Kindergarten!'
She chose oatmeal for her breakfast because that is healthy although she barely ate any.
I'm pretty sure she was just too excited!

Of course she already knew what she would be wearing so she went and got dressed and she had also already requested, about a week ago that she have a little braid in her hair so that's what she got.

Her backpack arrived last night just in time for the first day.
She was already in bed by the time it arrived so I hung it on one of the chairs so she would see it when she woke up.

I probably should have put it in the laundry room because I kept looking at it last night and it made me sad everytime.

When we first arrived the kids were told to line their backpacks up along the wall by their classroom and then they could go play until class starts.
She loved playing with the ball trying to throw it through the hole so it would roll out.

Once she got in her classroom she had to find her name and each kid had a little placemat with playdough for them to play with.

We were told we could stay for awhile but all the other parents were leaving so I figured I should probably leave as well.
I gave her a big kiss, told her I loved her and to have lots of fun.

Of course she could care less mommy was leaving.
She is so outgoing and friendly I knew it would be no big deal for her.
I am proud to say I didn't even cry this morning after dropping her off although I did get teary eyed.
I'm pretty sure I got all my crying out the night before when I went to bed ;)

Brooklyn and I walked back to the car and I could tell she was a bit sad.
She wanted me to carry her and she just laid her head on my shoulder.
She got over it once I told her we were going to go to Walmart.
It was nice to go shopping with only one kid again and with the one who actually enjoys shopping with me!

When we went to pick Kayla up from school she was all smiles and ran and gave me a big hug.
I asked her how her first day was and she said 'it was super duper fun!"
She said they watched a movie, Clifford the Big Red Dog and read the book, 'No, David'.
They played outside twice and had their snacks.
They got to draw a picture but she didn't have time to finish it all.
She was also pretty happy to tell me that "today we don't have any homework"
I guess that means tomorrow there will be homework :(

Hopefully the excitement and fun of school lasts!

I'm still a little sad that this is an everyday thing but I guess being back on a schedule for awhile will be kinda nice and as long as she likes it and nobody is mean to my girl I'll get through it!


Kelli said...

She looks so cute! Love her backpack. Sounds like she had a wonderful first day!

Juliana's first day did not go so well but with each day it is getting better.

Kacey said...

So sweet! I'm relieved for you that it was a good day - these milestones are so hard (for us!). She just looks so happy!

I really loved kindergarten and wish Adrian could go back! So far 1st grade is much different - the kids can be so mean already. It's so hard not to be a mama bear!

Sheri said...

enjoy.every.moment. goes way too fast. she looked so adorable.

{cindy} said...

yeah for a happy first day! she looks thrilled to be there which is every teachers dream.:) the one on one time with your youngest is special too isn't it?
have a happy day shannon

LOVE that owly PBK backpack!!! if mine were just a wee bit younger we would have gotten that one for sure!:)

Becca said...

awww! this made me so excited for her!

Jennifer S. said...

So glad she had a great first day! My girl starts kindergarten Monday but she goes a full day the first day and I am so nervous about that.(they usually do a half day on the first day) Time is so cruel! Its all going too fast! At least they are excited about going to school so that makes it easier :)

Colleen said...

So glad she had a good day!! She is so precious Shannon. You are so blessed that she is friendly and easygoing. Love the backpack choice. We got the polka dot one this year but such cute stuff (as always!). Happy weekend!

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I'm always a complete state when my littlies start school! They always love it and it's me crying and trying to hide my sniffles from them!!

I'm so pleased that day 1 went so brilliantly. And there's nothing ;ike a good shopping partner (albeit a small one!) to cheer anyone up!