Wednesday, August 1, 2012


The last few weeks have been sort of crazy around our home and this week even more so.
I have been running around trying to get everything gathered for a bridal shower we are hosting at our home this Saturday.
But I made sure to get a lot done yesterday so I would have a free morning today to let the girls paint and have some fun.
We haven't had much time to do as many crafts as I might have liked to get done this Summer so I'm thinking we will carry a few over and do some after school once it starts.

I had picked up a few plain white pots for painting at Walmart and thought it would be cute for the girls to decorate them and then we could add some flowers to them.
They were happy to paint as they always are.
Each of them picked out their color choices and then got to creating their personalized flower pot.

They were being so good that I decided to do some cleaning in the living room and actually got a lot done but eventually Kayla was calling me,
"MOMMMM, Brooklyn's painting her face and arms!"

Happens everytime with this one!
Guess I shouldn't leave her unattended while painting ;)


Colleen said...

lol I am cracking up as C and Brooklyn would get along so well. they are both so devious at times!!! cute craft idea. hope you are ready for saturday.

Jennifer S. said...

Oh that sweet Brooklyn. How could you ever get mad at that face?! Good luck this weekend with the shower! xo said...

LOL that reminds me of days gone by with mine. Amazing what a mom can get done when the kiddies are "entertaining" themselves. Your girls look adorable!