Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What We've Been Up To

We are in our first full week of school and it's still going good.
I'm actually enjoying waking up everyday and having a schedule but I am definitely much tired by the end of the day and I'm pretty sure that in a few months I will be wishing for those lazy Summer mornings back.

Since Kayla started last Wednesday I had big plans to get stuff done around the house and spend more time with Brooklyn but instead I have been battling ants every day.
We have never had a problem with ants but I guess with all this heat they are out in full force and trying very hard to take over our home.

They have been everywhere and no matter how many times I spray, clean, wipe them down, etc. they keep on coming back.
I'm so tired of rooms being torn apart trying to get rid of them!!!
I can't wait until next week when temperatures are supposed to cool down. 
I'm really hoping they will go away and NEVER come back again.

Thank goodness these sweet little girls have been wonderfully cute lately and have been saying and doing the cutest darn things to bring a smile to my face.  

Everyday when I pick Kayla up at school I tell her how much I miss her and she always tells me right on back with a big hug.
Yesterday she told me that when I dropped her off the next day she had a surprise for me.
So this morning while walking her up to her gate to drop her off she told me to stop and give her my hand.
She then gave me a kiss on the inside of my hand and then closed my hand up telling me that now whenever I miss her I have a kiss.
She said I could either keep it in my hand or put it on my cheek for later and said it's called the kissing hand.
She definitely isn't making it any easier for her mommy to watch her run off to Kindergarten every day.
I've gotten teary eyed every day that I've dropped her off since last Wednesday, hopefully that will get better in a few weeks ;)

Brooklyn got a haircut this morning.
In the middle of battling the ants she asked me again(she's been asking me everyday) when am I going to cut her hair so I finally said alright lets do this now.

She looks so cute with a cute little Brooklyn bob.

I think both of the girls are enjoying their time together a bit more now that they aren't together all the time.
They have been playing in each others rooms every morning before school.
I'm so happy they are best buddies and really hoping that never changes!


Kacey said...

Oh my, "The Kissing Hand" reference is just the sweetest thing!

Don't you love that they seem to appreciate each other more when they have time apart? Although it doesn't take long for my boys to start fighting after school!

{It does get easier, I promise.}

Kelli said...

Oh yes the kissing hand. That story brings tears to my eyes each time I read it. It sounds like she is having a wonderful time in school.
Love the new haircut...did you cut it?

Colleen said...

I love the kiss on the hand idea. A friend of mine does that and I started that with Emily. She loves it.

Boo for the ants! are you going to call an exterminator?

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Ugh! We had ants too and the only thing I found was BLACK PEPPER! We also sprayed around our house inside which I hate and they still would return, one day they were crawling around and I had pepper in my had and I said if you want to eat something eat this!
Then I sprinkled it all over the backside of our counters and they never came back!
I have also made a spray with water and lots and lots of black pepper don't let lil one get a hold of it, not that you would but it will burn your eyes out.
I also went around the outside of our house with pepper as well, I went
Best of Luck with that, ~Cheers Kim

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

Yuck on the ants, we have had them in years past and I don't like them, either!
Love the "kissing hand", they just know the ways to make your heart swell, don't they?
Brooklyn's new do looks so cute. It is always fun to get a new style.


KERRY said...

I hope that never changes too!! They are sweet and gorgeous girls you have Shannon :)
That is the sweetest thing I have ever heard what your little Kayla said to you about the kissing hand...brought tears to my eyes!!
And at first glance of your kitchen I thought wow, those are some big ants doing all that! ;)

Valerie@chateaualamode.typepad.com said...

Isn't that the cutest story ever...the kissing hand, know wonder you had tears and just so you know, I dropped off my youngest at high school the othe day and watched her walk away and I was all choked up realizing how fast she has grown up and knowing it all goes way too fast. Have a great weekend.

Jennifer S. said...

Ugh Ants! How is it going? Are they still bothering you?
Kayla is just too precious. How dare they grow up on us Shannon! So rude! :)