Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Our Morning Right Now

I have no clue how hot it's supposed to be later on today but this morning has been the perfect temperature.
We walked to school this morning and Kayla even requested a sweater because it was a bit chilly.
Since Brooklyn and I got back we've had the back slider open to feel the cool crisp air.
It's finally feeling a little bit like Fall!
I love a Fall home, the colors the cozyness.
I plan on spending the weekend finishing up all our decorating so I can share some pictures with you all next week.
Today I'll just share what our morning looks like right now,

some early morning painting

perfect weather outside

chai tea with some morning reading

it's been two weeks and I have no clue where to store these giant tutu dresses the girls wore in the last wedding

so they reside here,

some crafting going on

to sell or not to sell
I think I might be keeping this one 

Brooklyn loves to wash her hands so there is pretty much always a chair waiting for her

thank you's that I should be writing

thank you Fall for listening to me and coming around even though you could've come a little faster

to be a cat

my new favorite picture on canvas

Happy Wednesday!


{cindy} said...

glad you have finally gotten some fall weather! we have been loving ours and it finally motivated me to get the fall goodies out!:) hopefully i'll find a moment to snap a photo or two:)
love your canvas and that bowl of pumpkins.:)
have a happy day shannon

Kelli said...

Fall has not arrived in my part of California! Love all of your peaceful pictures! Love your canvas. I have a picture from our vacation that I would like to put on a canvas.
Hope you had a great Wednesday!

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

Love seeing your days. I haven't decorated for fall at all. I think since I just painted I feel like everything is new and I don't want to change it. We are finally having cooler days, track meets after school have been in the 60's and we are freezing! When did 60's become winter weather?? It's because it was sooo hot this summer. Maybe I need to dig up those shabby pumpkins I have stored in the basement.


Susie from Bienvenue said...

I love how you just take in the moment and enjoy what it brings. I too, amd waiting for the sweet smell of fall. Its still a bit hot here and I love you lil witch sign. Too cute!

Colleen said...

love this. cute little canvas you have there. you must be loving the change in weather. said...

Yes, Fall is on its' way here too and I'm loving it! Have to giggle about where to put the tutus. I know how that is when you just keep moving something around hoping it will find a place of its own. Happy weekend!

Kelly said...

Your little girls are just beautiful! Sounds like a nice morning. Isn't life wonderful when you take the time to really see what is around you and live in the moment? That is what this post says to me. Wish I could say we are having nice weather too, but we're getting rain. Oh well. It is needed, so I guess I won't complain.

Kerry said...

Hi Shannon! I love that picture on canvas, such beautiful girls :)
I smiled at your tutu storage area, looks like something I would do lol
Happy 'Fall' to you guys, looks like you are ready for some cooler weather and fun decorating! Have a great week :)