Monday, September 24, 2012

The Weekend

We actually had a nice relaxing weekend which was much needed after the past two crazy months full of stuff to do.
Kayla had a soccer game at 8:45 Saturday morning which was good because we got to avoid the heat a little by getting that out of the way.

After the game we came home and showered up.
The girls took naps and so did I.
It felt great being able to nap and lay around.
After the girls woke up from their naps they watched movies and played with stickers.

The only other thing we had to do this weekend was meet my parents, brother and my sister in law for dinner to celebrate my dads birthday.

After we all ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant everyone came back to our house to open presents.

Brooklyn even got a gift, my brother and sister in law were on their honeymoon for Brooklyn's birthday so she got to open her present a little late.
She loves her new Tangled dress, she wore it throughout the weekend.

For dessert we had root beer floats.
It was easy and they taste good :)

After dessert the girls entertained us with their new guitars that Grandma and Papa picked up from the fair for them.

Sunday morning the girls woke up early and waited patiently for me to wake up so they could put on their concert

They took an occasional break here and there and Kayla wanted to run some errands with me so we were gone for a bit in the morning but after we got back and naptime they were back at it again.

It was all going good until this happened :(

Brooklyn thought it would be a good idea to not listen to the hundreds of times we told her not to sit or stand on the guitar to sit on it anyway.
So the concert had to end since it was now missing one of the guitar players.

For dinner we made a pizza and salad and then everyone headed outside to help daddy wash the cars.
I stayed inside and made some yummy chocolate chip pumpkin bread instead

Our entire weekend was so relaxed and wonderful.
I forgot how nice it is to lounge around and do nothing.
I'm looking forward to another weekend of lounging around in 5 more days!


Colleen said...

honestly, those are the best weekends!!! I have one of those this weekend and I am very much looking forward to it.

Ok the "animal" audience is hysterical.

I love the pic of Kayla in her uniform. She is so cute.

Kelli said...

My kind of weekend! I see some fall decorations in the background. I keep waiting for it to cool off to decorate but it has not so I pulled out my stuff today.

Becca said...

aww! I'm glad she loves the dress! said...

That looks like the perfect weekend!