Monday, November 26, 2012

Decking the Halls

This past week was so nice, especially the last four days since we all got to be home together.
Saturday night we had friends over to watch some football and Sunday we spent the entire day decorating for Christmas.

The girls were begging me all morning to start decorating and after I told them a number of times I just wanted to finish my coffee I finally gave in.
Wouldn't you know it that as soon as I started pulling out decorations they grabbed all the Christmas stuffed animals and took off.
Basically I decorated alone which is alright by me as long as they know that they have to help with the tree next weekend, No excuses!

The house looked more like a hurricane came through for the first half of the day but by 3:00 I was in Christmas heaven.

All we need is our tree which hopefully we can pick up Friday.
Once it's all done I'll take you all on a little tour, as for now I'm gonna watch some more Christmas movies.


Colleen said...

lol, too funny. that's exactly what C did. He did not stop playing with them. I did it most of it myself and E stopped to help me decorate the tree in the playroom area. you should see my kitchen counters. still covered with stuff!

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

Looking good so far, I can't wait for the tour!

~Shanon said...

Waiting for your your little girlies. They are so cute. The little "princess" looked like she was enjoying Christmas cheer :)

Kerry said...

Hi Shannon!
That's always the way isn't it, they take off with the things they want to play with but if you are anything like me, then I like to do it 'properly' anyhow lol
I can't wait for your home tour!

SSM said...

Shannon, Looks like you were busy. Where did you get that princess dress? It looks beautiful!