Thursday, November 29, 2012

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

Just a quick post on a rainy Thursday morning over here.
We finally have some cool winter-ish weather today.
December is only a few days away and by now I assume everyone already has there home completely decorated for Christmas right?
Tuesday we went to Disneyland to get in the Christmas spirit and although I didn't take many pictures of the park all decorated for you I thought I would share some of the girls having a good time as they always do there.
It was not crowded at all which I'm sure is because  everyone was most likely there last week during Thanksgiving.

We stopped for the usual character pictures which is also pretty much the only reason I brought out my camera that day.
We did try to get a family picture but wouldn't you know it Brooklyn turned her head right when we tried to get the picture.
She thought she was being so funny smiling and all as she did this, darn kid!

Once the sun went down we lined up on the street waiting for the Christmas parade.  Our day was just about over by now and the girls were definitely showing us how tired they were.

After the parade and a quick dinner we found a cute showing of Prep and Landing in 3D. 
It was the perfect way to end our Christmas visit to Disneyland.


Kacey said...

Such cutie pies! Disneyland looks so magical at Christmas - so cool that you live so close.

Kelli said...

Love going to Disneyland this week. We have not gone in a few years but for many years we would leave the Sunday after Thanksgiving and spend a few days there.

Kerry said...

It is so lovely there at Christmastime!! We have 14 days at the parks coming up and we can't wait!!
Beautiful pics Shannon :)

Colleen said...

so nice it's that close to you!! love that first one of your girls!

SSM said...

Look's like the girls had an amazing time!

Kelly said...

I'm sure that was fun to spend the day there. If that doesn't put you in the spirit then nothing does!