Saturday, November 17, 2012

Kindergarten Pow Wow

Friday morning Kayla had her Kindergarten feast/pow wow. 
I never received anything inviting parents to come and watch so I didn't think about going until a few nights before when Kayla started telling about her songs and how she was excited I was going to be able to see it.  
When I told her I wasn't going and that it was just for her and her classmates she started to cry and told me she really wanted me to come.  
She told me she was going to ask her teacher if she could invite me.
I made sure to ask the teacher the next day if I could come and watch and she said of course.
Kayla was so happy I was there and I was too.
They were so cute singing their songs, doing their duck call dance and enjoying their feast they made themselves! 

a buffalo and fish by Kayla ;)

She is getting so big, makes me sad to think this will probably be the last year for her to celebrate these holidays at school like a little kid.


Colleen said...

she is so cute Shannon. I love that they do that with them. C has a little thanksgiving party too on wednesday.

where do you guys go for dinner?

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