Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

Our Christmas morning started around 6:30am when Kayla came in to wake us up. 
Brooklyn was still sound asleep and we weren't about to wake her up yet.

Poor Kayla was trying her best to be patient so around 7am we let her go in and wake up her sister.

The gate is put up to keep the girls from running down the hall and seeing what Santa has brought before we are up.

After we got our coffee and made sure Santa had already left we let them loose.
Brooklyn is perfectly hidden right behind Kayla which made it impossible to get her in the picture when they came around the corner.

Their new bikes were a hit!

Kayla's new art supplies

After checking out all the new goods from Santa they opened up a few gifts under the tree.
They loved their gifts from their Aunt Yolanda and Uncle Rocky, Thank You!

They got some new pj's from us which came with matching pj's for their dolls.

When it came time to check their stockings, Kayla immediately spotted the penguin stuffed animal.
She was jumping and squealing when she saw him to say she was excited would be an understatement!

After spending the morning playing with their new toys, watching the movie Brave and eating some candy  from their stockings it was time to get ready for the rest of the family that was coming over.

Kayla being her goofy self infront of the pile of presents all the grandparents, uncles and aunts brought over

The girls got these rudolph noses and antlers from their papa.
They both sang rudolph the red nosed reindeer while wearing them.

After waiting what seemed like forever they got to open the rest of their presents.

After everyone left and some of the cleaning had begun I saw Kayla setting up a few of their toys around the vintage nativity set.
I usually do not let the girls put their toys on this table at all since it easily scratches and belonged to my grandmother but I loved the symbolism in this moment.
All gathered and all are welcomed!

The perfect end to a peaceful Christmas!


Sheri said...

So sweet. Boy I miss those days. They are adorable. I love how you dress them. So stinking cute.

Michele said...

The expressions are their sweet faces are priceless. They are so excited! Looks like Santa left a lot of goodies. They will love their new bikes! They are at such a fun age. My boys had the best time this year with all things Christmas. It made it so much fun.

Genn said...

So darn sweet! I love your girls Christmas outfits! And their darling red pjs and the matching doll pjs! So much cuteness in one post. :)

And thanks so much for sharing about the Disney on ice show with me! That was such a great and fun gift to give! And you are right, the Tangled part was so awesome. Those skaters were really good!

Colleen said...

they are adorable Shannon. love your tree and everything sounds wonderful!! said...

I love the nativity and the symbolisim. So very sweet! Looks like it was a wonderful Chistmas.

Kelli said...

Such sweet photos Shannon. It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. Love the girls outfits!