Thursday, December 27, 2012

Twas The Night Before Christmas

Christmastime has come and gone and once again it was a great one.
I have so many pictures and moments I want to remember that I'm breaking this up into two posts.

We'll start with Christmas Eve first,

In the morning the girls made their reindeer food, oats and sprinkles.

After mixing together their creations they enjoyed some hot chocolate with a cookie.
The weather was perfect for Christmas Eve, raining, foggy and really cold!

My dad had to come by to drop off some items from Santa's sleigh so he stayed most of the morning playing and keeping the girls entertained while I got some cleaning and food prep for the big day all done.
It' s much easier to get things done when these girls are playing and having fun.
Thanks Dad!

Eventually it was time for the girls to take naps so I tucked them in and had some time to relax and watch a few Christmas movies I wanted to see before the holiday was over.

Once hubby got home from work and the girls got up from naps they got to work on their gingerbread houses.

It was nice this year because Brooklyn could actually do the gingerbread house on her own without much help making it quiet and relaxing for us to sit back and enjoy watching them.

I had made a lasagna the day before just needed to pop it in the oven for our Christmas Eve feast.
While we waited for it to cook hubby took care of the drinks for us ;)

Last year we let the girls open one gift after dinner so of course we had to keep on with the tradition.  
It's just something small that they can play with but they sure do get excited!

Just like last year Brooklyn needed some help opening her present, Kayla had already opened hers so she helped her sister again.

They both loved their barrel of monkeys

Eventually it was time for a bath and time to get in their matching Christmas pj's.
We all watched a Christmas cartoon and then the girls grabbed their reindeer food to scatter on the front lawn.

Cookies were then placed out for Santa

Twas the Night Before Christmas was read

Brooklyn was so tired and when we tucked her in bed she insisted we had to be really quiet and could only whisper, she was so afraid we were going to scare away Santa.

Oh how they wish they knew what they were going to wake up to come Christmas morning....


Kelli said...

Fun pictures Shannon! It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas Eve with your family.
I still can not believe how fast it went by! said...

Your girlies are so precious. Looks like a wonderful Christmas Eve.

Sheri said...

Such sweet photos! Your girls are adorable as usual. You are such a good momma :) xo

Alaina said...

Such darling little girls you have. Traditions are so wonderful and children look forward to them and adults count on them. Have a wonderful New Year.

{cindy} said...

so sweet shannon! we forgot our reindeer food this year!:( love reading everyone's traditions and how similar they are to our own..brings us a little closer don't ya think.:)
those two sweet girls in their matching pj's look so very happy.
thanks for sharing with us.
have a happy day

Becca said...

It was such a fun time! Love watching the girls open their gifts!

nilanjana majumdar said...

Nothing beats smiling kids,great family and good friends (and good food). Sounds like you are very lucky to have an abundance of all. lovely pics too.Congrats!