Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Haps

It's the first morning of Winter Vacation in our house and instead of sleeping in as you would think normal children do we were all up and out of bed by 6am, coughing and sounding horrible.
The morning has been filled with whining, crying and complaining.
Not exactly how I imagined our winter break to begin especially when there is so much that needs to be done!
Hopefully we can fit in some crafts and fun all while I try to get errands ran and goodies baked.
Good thing we've already had some fun Christmas cheer in our home over the past month to get us by.
Here are some random happenings from our month,

The girls received not just one letter from Santa but a total of 3!
They sure think they are extra special.
Santa sent them a card a few weeks ago reassuring them they are on the nice list and then the past two days this week they got two more letters.

Kayla wrote her list to Santa weeks ago and every night when we attempted to send it to the North Pole she would get out of bed and run down the hall to tell us she HAS to add one more thing before "Elfie" takes it to Santa.

Eventually it made it to the North Pole ;)

Every now and then after I pick up Kayla from school I sneak in a little surprise into the girls seats.
About a week ago I picked up these cheap pinball toys from Walmart for each of them.
Kayla thought it was the best toy ever, made me think I should have just wrapped them and put them under the tree!

We baked some chocolate chip cookies over the past weekend and I'm looking forward to baking a lot more over the next few days.
I must get better today!!!

I feel like every year we get less and less Christmas cards although it still looks like a lot in this picture

Kayla brought home a Christmas gift she made for us at school.
I really wanted to wait until Christmas morning to open it but she was throwing a fit.
So we opened it the other night when daddy got home.
She was so excited she was unwrapping it for us.
These are always my very favorite gifts of all!

I love her little hand print on the ornament with each finger made into a snowman

Along with our gift she also brought home all her Christmas goodies she made at school.
They now decorate her board in the hallway to the bedrooms for us to pass by throughout the day.

I'm so upset these pictures turned out so horrible(note to self not to use this lens ever again!) 
Yesterday Kayla had her Kindergarten Christmas Program.
She was so excited for us to come and hear here sing.
She looked so cute and they all sounded so cute up there singing Christmas carols.

and yesterday after the Christmas program my mom and I took the girls to visit Santa.
Brooklyn was bouncing around excited to go see him but once she got closer she got a bit intimidated.
Atleast they are both smiling even if the smiles look a bit forced, right?

Well I've got one girl in time out crying right now and another begging over and over to do a craft, it's only 8:45 in the morning, wish me luck people!
'Tis the season ;)


Colleen said...

My little guy is sick too. Not fun at all. I love that little ornament that Kayla made. So adorable. I have lots of baking on the agenda too.

I see D's card on your board!

Love K's list too. So cute!

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Such Sweet Memories! I love all the Art and the list.Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas~Blessings Kim

Kelli said...

Isabella and I have been so sick here as well. I have had this cold for two weeks now. Hope you all start feeling better soon.

We are going to do some baking this weekend. My kids are still in school, their last day is tomorrow.

Hope your day got a litte better! said...

Oh I hope you girls are better now! Have a really merry Christmas!

City Farmhouse said...

I hope your little ones are feeling better. I am lovin your blog:), Happy Holidays, Jen