Sunday, December 2, 2012

Decorating the Tree

Yesterday we picked out our tree and got it all set up and then decorated it after dinnertime.
We usually don't get our tree until the second weekend of December but without the tree it just doesn't seem like Christmas and I definitely couldn't wait this year!

The house smelled amazing as soon as it was inside.
It's also much smaller than our past trees :(
I am still a bit sad about this but either way it looks beautiful.
There is nothing better than a dark room with white twinklee lights and the smell of a Christmas tree.

The girls actually hung most of the ornaments this year, well atleast Kayla did most of it.
Brooklyn just took them off and played with them.

I love decorating the tree.

Since the star goes on the top last and we don't want any fighting over who puts it on we do it twice so the girls each have a turn.

But don't worry there was still plenty of arguing over who pushed who or who was being mean going on and I will not lie I did enjoy it but only because it was one of those great Christmas moments that I know I will always remember.

It makes me happy to think I have two healthy little girls who get the chance to celebrate the holidays  even if it may not be happily all the time.


Kerry said...

Haha yes I agree, it doesn't always go to plan but they are the memories you will have, and that's good enough I say :)
I love your tree, it is beautiful!

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

Those pictures are adorable, pouts and all! Your tree looks amazing, I love the lights twinkling in a dark room, too.


Sheri said...

Great pics of your little angels. Looks like they had a great time decorating the tree. Happy Christmas season. xo

Kelli said...

Adorable pictures! Looks like they did a good job decorating the tree. :)

Colleen said...

omg, this was the scene at my house alot this weekend. love the pics though. good for you for capturing it!

your tree is beautiful. I was the same way last year when ours was too short!! lol

Jennifer S. said...

Love little Brooklyn's face! What a cutie! Love your tree too. I want a real tree but our ceilings are 10 feet and real 10 ft trees are soooo expensive!