Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dance Girls

For awhile Brooklyn had been saying she wanted to do ballet and I had told her she could as soon as she was potty trained.
Well she is finally potty trained and had been mentioning it for the past month so I finally decided to take her to try it out.

So last Wednesday was her trial class and the moment she got out there she grabbed onto the bar, looked at herself in the mirror and got the hugest smile.
My eyes instantly filled with tears, she was so happy!
These pictures are from her second class which was this morning.

I know these aren't the best pictures but the studio only allows you to take photos the first week of the month so I snuck some with my phone, I had to get pictures of her looking so adorable.

Watching these little girls in their tiny ballerina outfits is the cutest thing.
They look like little princesses.

She asks me daily when is ballet class again so I know she likes it a lot.
So glad my not so little anymore baby girl has something to look forward to and enjoys!

Kayla is the one I originally tried to get into ballet, I had been mentioning it to her for the past 3 years but she always declined and said she was too scared. 
Once she found out Brooklyn was going to do ballet she decided she wanted to do it as well, that is until she heard that they offer a hip hop class.
She tried it out last Friday and did really good so she is now signed up for beginning hip hop.

She's a pretty good dancer already so I can't wait to see where this leads her and if she keeps with it.
She really wants to do Tap as well but she will be starting softball in a month so we had to tell her to stick with hip hop for now and we can try tap in the Fall.

Just hoping they both find what they truly love to do and stick with it and have fun!


{cindy} said...

nothing sweeter then little girls at dance class!!!:) so glad you got to take some pics of this very special moment!
they look so happy:)
have a great night shannon

Kelli said...

Oh they both look so happy in their classes. Such sweet pictures.
Juliana really wants to take a hip hop class...really how cute is it to see little girls doing hip hop.

Colleen said...

love it!! I think hip hop classes are so cute for the little ones. Love B's little bun!!