Monday, January 14, 2013

My Weekend

By Friday the girls had already gotten on my last nerve and I was really looking forward to the hubby being home all weekend so I could get out of the house and have some me time.
We finally had a weekend with nothing to do except meet some family for pizza on Saturday night.  I thought Saturday morning would be perfect to hit up the farmers market  and then head to a few of my favorite little shops to spend some of my birthday money.
Unfortunately Friday night right after I made and ate this delicious dinner, my throat began to hurt and I knew I was getting sick. 

I spent the rest of the weekend in bed trying to sleep and going through 3 boxes of kleenox!
I dined on toast, cheerios, hot tea and sprite for the past two days, I guess the upside to that is I may have lost some of the holiday weight, right?
Thankfully today I'm feeling a little better but am still stuck with a horrible head cold.
The 30 degree weather is not helping especially when you have to get 2 little girls all bundled up and warm because you are scared they might catch whatever it is you had!


The worst part about being sick besides feeling horrible is having to stay away from these two cuties!

Even though they sometimes drive me crazy I can't stand not being able to cuddle with them on the couch and cover them in kisses.

 I laid in bed and watched the Golden Globes while they ran in and out asking if they could climb in and lay with me.
Telling them no was horrible especially with Brooklyn's little pouty face each time she heard the answer.
I guess I got what I asked for when I wanted to get some alone time although it wasn't exactly how I wanted to spend it!
Now that it's Monday and I'm feeling somewhat better I am catching up on loads of laundry, trying to disinfect my bedroom and looking forward to trying out this Tomato Soup recipe tonight for dinner.
Have a Happy Week!


Kelli said...

Oh Shannon I am sorry you were sick this weekend. At least it was on a weekend and not during the week when your husband was not home. Hope you are feeling better soon!

Sheri said...

You definitely needed the rest. Just sorry it was in bed all weekend. Glad your feeling better. Have a great week. xo

Colleen said...

oh boy, sorry to read this. hope you are feeling better today. tis the season of the sickies!

Becca said...

Sorry you were sick but glad we will get to celebrate this weekend!

Shannon said...

Aw so sorry you had to spend your weekend resting up in bed! Your little girls are absolutely precious!

Feel better soon. :)

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