Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ten on Ten

Well it's already the 10th of January and it feels just as Winter should feel, very cold, rainy with a chance of snow!!
We all have our fingers crossed for snow sometime today.
Our fireplace has been on every morning this week, it's easy to just flip a switch but I do miss the smell of a wood burning fireplace!
The other day while walking up to Kayla's school Brooklyn asked, "what's that smell" it was the smell of a wood burning fireplace and it made me sad she has never experienced that.

6 am

The girls like to pretend to be whatever animal is on the page of the book, here they are figuring what animal is next.

7 am

Kayla all ready for school

8 am

Brooklyn and I enjoying a game of Hello Kitty Bingo

9 am

I spent last night organizing and cleaning Brooklyn's room so of course it would look like this in a matter of minutes.

10 am

After making a mess in her room she needed a break and decided to watch 'A Bugs Life'

 11 am


12 pm

Kayla has been reading Amelia Bedelia to me

1 pm

some crafting to pass the time

 2 pm

Kayla's stash of goodies

3 pm

Well that's our Ten on Ten today nothing too exciting going on and unfortunately there is no snow outside either :(

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Colleen said...

she is a cutie pie Shannon. love the picture of the fire going. My friend had a candle that smelled like a campfire. so good!

Cari said...

The chevron sweater? Love it. And Brooklyn watching the movie with the wand in her hand? So adorable.

Kelli said...

We have a gas fireplace and I love that you can just flip a switch to turn it on as well but I do miss the fireplace smell. Bath and Body has a candle that smells like a campfire and it is not to bad.

Looks like a fun day with your cute girls!

Ada said...

I absolutely love your mantle. I may have to copy it. Excpet I don't have a mantle. I do have a piano that I decorate. And I already have a window like that hung right above it. Hooray!

What a great day. Wish I could send some of our snow to you. :)

Mirys + Guigo + Nina said...

Lovely set!
Isn´t it great when our kids read to us??? Love it!

Kisses and blessings.
(from Brazil but participating!!!)

Kelly said...

Oh lovely to have a fire every morning! We do have a wood burning fireplace (which I love) but it does deter us from having a fire every night. It's a lot more work! Your girls are so cute. Looks like they stay busy too.

miss macri said...

Great set - I would have needed a break too after having all that fun in my room :)

mmcgre01 said...

wonderful photos -beautiful

Kiki said...

What cute kids you have + beautiful photos, too! I loved Amelia Bedelia growing up, such a great book series. :)