Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Back to Normal

Happy Tuesday!
Is everyone getting back to normal now that school is back in??
The last two mornings around here haven't been bad, we've all been getting up early without any problems, so far.
It is nice to be able to run around and get all my errands done with only one little person to watch over, much easier to shop with the one that actually enjoys shopping with me.

After all of the errands are ran and Kayla is home from school I've been trying to spend a little time getting our home back in order.
After all the decorations come down the house always feels so empty.
The hardest part for me is trying to remember how it was decorated before Christmas.

For the most part it is put back together but I still have a sideboard and a few other areas that are still sitting empty.
I'm sure just as I get things back in order it will be time to decorate for another holiday.

Kayla has already been bugging me to put out Valentine's decorations.
I think I need some simplicity for atleast a few more weeks before I see hearts everywhere!


Colleen said...

Mine feels a little bare too in spots! But it's not a bad thing : )

Kelli said...

I feel like parts of my house look a bit bare as well. I do love the clean feeling with all the little Christmas stuff gone. Your house always looks so nice.

Harri Davison said...

I know what you mean about the house feeling bare - as much as I love Christmas it is nice to get the decs down and give everywhere a good clean. Beautiful pictures by the way xxx


Julie @ Restlye Relove said...

Hi, dropping by from Southern Savvy Style. Your home is beautiful. I've subscribed to your blog and hope you will drop by and check mine out too! All the best, Julie at Restyle Relove.com

Andrea said...

Thanks for visiting. These decorating ideas are very inspiring. :)

{cindy} said...

i actually love that time inbetween christmas and valentines when the house is just"plain" again.:)
we like to get at least on the other side of janey's birthday before the love day decorations come out!!
your home looks so beautiful shannon
have a happy day