Saturday, February 9, 2013

Some Snow

It snows maybe twice a year where we live and the girls have been waiting very patiently for us to get snow this Winter.  
Kayla was worried when the groundhog saw his shadow since that meant Spring would come early and I had to convince her that we could still get snow even if it's Spring.
Finally yesterday we got a little snow, it was much less than the amount we got last year but it did the job for now.
My favorite part is watching it fall from inside the house so once it stopped we bundled up and went out.
It was just enough for a snowball fight and about a half hour of playtime.

Brooklyn came in earlier and as usual I had to make Kayla come in, she was dripping wet!

The girls got changed and into warm clothes and we made some hot chocolate and ate gingerbread cookies.
I was hoping to wake up to a blanket of snow this morning since it was lightly snowing when we went to bed last night but there was nothing.
Now I'm hoping for just one more snow day and then I'll be ready to move onto warm weather ;)


WhiteWhispers2u said...

Snow? How fun for the girl's.We haven't even had snow we live in the valley and we are to low for much snow~Kim

Colleen said...

ok, how about this you can look at my pictures of this crazy storm. That should tide you over, ok??? ha! in the meantime, I am really longing for spring. Cute pics!

Kelli said...

Does the snow melt right away or does it stay a few days? We get a tiny bit of snow every few years but it melts right away.
Love the pretty pictures of the snow.

Elma said...

I wish we only got snow twice a year. I am ready for spring:) Your girls are soooo cute!!!

Sheri said...

Lucky! I wish we at least had snow ONE time year - don't think that's going to happen in Florida - LOL. I love these pics - thanks so much for sharing your little angels - have a great day :) xo