Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ten on Ten

It's February's Ten on Ten and since it's Sunday our day is going to be full of laziness and relaxation.
I even got to sleep in this morning until 8:30 which is unheard of.
Daddy got up with the girls and made breakfast,  I definitely woke up at the right time since I came out to chocolate chip muffins fresh out of the oven.

8:30 am

Some calm before the storm

9:30 am

Back to their normal crazy selves 

10:30 am

Cute Love day decor

11:30 am

Lunch for the girls

12:30 pm

Wrapped in a blanket to stay warm

1:30 pm

house is quiet, time to read

 2:30 pm

took a break to fold some clothes

 3:30 pm

Kayla signing Valentine's for Thursday

4:30 pm

a happy Sunday!

5:30 pm

ten on ten button


hannah singer said...

those muffins look amazing. and love that sweet valentine display, cute!

marla said...

sweet little sisters!

oopsiemaizie said...

great 10 on 10 set... just finished reading gone girl not that long ago... it's quite a book! and... your girls are adorable...

Kelli said...

Looks like a good Sunday to me! Your muffins look great. Love the last picture of your cute girls.

Karina said...

Muffins made by the man - lucky girl. Love these little glimpses of sweetness. Mine was filled with laundry as well....but didn't manage to capture any of my messy basket in pics today. Happy 10 on 10

Kerry said...

Cute pics Shannon! And I can't believe the snow you guys have had lately!! Amazing photo in your header :)

Leanne Barnett said...

Looks like a perfect day of quiet. Those muffins look great.

mmcgre01 said...

Lovely pics...looks like a wonderful day.

Colleen said...

how is that book?? um, did you hubby make the muffins??

Stacy @ The Next-to-Nothing House said...

I agree with everyone else...those muffins look amazing! Your daughters are just precious, too.