Saturday, March 23, 2013


The week flew by we were gone just about everyday having 2 play dates in one day even.
Good thing next week is Spring Break so maybe, just maybe we can slow down a bit.
Kayla has a  game Saturday morning and then I plan on lounging around the rest of the day.
The girls have been fighting colds for it seems like the past few weeks so hopefully some rest this weekend will get rid of the germs that keep on lingering.

 Brooklyn's best buddy while Kayla's at school

chai tea for me 

 Tangled is watched over and over again if we are home long enough 

  we had hip hop then softball practice so it was a crock pot dinner night

Kayla's bunny hat she made at school

Let the Spring Break fun begin!


WhiteWhispers2u said...

Cute lil pup! I too am ready for spring but have been so busy.

Hope your lil chicks feel better soon, hate colds. :(


Kelli said...

Love the picture of your Chai Tea.
We are on spring break as well. Have a great week!

Elma said...

I can't wait for spring break. Ours start on April 5 and we can't wait!! Hope the cold leaves your house!!!

Sheri said...

Happy Holy Week. xoxoxox

Kerry said...

Brooklyn looks so grown up in that pic!! Happy Spring to you guys :)