Thursday, March 7, 2013


Linking up my Instagram pictures from the past week over at Life Rearranged again.

life rearranged

Last Saturday we celebrated a little friends 5th Birthday.
The girls had a blast and so did we.
I'm not usually a fan of kid parties but this one was  lots of fun!

Brooklyn at the party taking a little break from the bouncer to get some relaxing in.

Sunday I was heading out to the mall for some shopping when Kayla begged to go.
I was hesitant to have her with me all day since we were up late the night before at the birthday party but she did pretty good walking forever with me plus it was fun to have a lunch date with her since I rarely get to hang out just her and me anymore

Sunday was fondue night for dinner.
It was a total hit!

Dessert was the best part and the girls declared it the best dinner ever!

I've been wanting to try this paint forever so I finally caved and bought it.
I want to paint our bed in the master but don't know if I'll actually get around to it.
Seems like a lot of work.

Wednesday morning I went to sign Brooklyn up for preschool.
She is all ready for the Fall and I'm not looking forward to sending my baby off nor having Kayla in 1st grade all day!

Kayla had softball practice at a different park Wednesday night and Brooklyn was happy to see they had a playground.
It was too cold for me so I kept trying to get her to go sit in the car with me, eventually I got her by bribing her with some snacks ;)

I rarely wear my glasses but figured I wouldn't need sunglasses since the sun wasn't coming out.
Wearing glasses in the rain is not the best idea.

Brooklyn always asks to check out a library book and after pulling out book after book and me telling her to please just pick one she landed on this one.
Of course it would have sparkles on it, the girl LOVES all things sparkly.

I feel like I am never really home anymore we are always running from here to there and I'm a total homebody so I was so happy to have Kayla's softball game canceled last night due to rain.
There was no where to be but home all afternoon and I loved it!

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Happy Weekend!


WhiteWhispers2u said...

We love fondue as well, always a fav!
I tried painting my kitchen cabinets with the chalk paint and it didn't go so well.It didn't cover well at all.I did hear after that you really have to rub the wax on to get it to work but I was already unhappy.Best of luck!~Kim

Kelli said...

I think you look great in glasses Shannon.
I love the picture of Kayla at lunch. Her and Juliana would have so much fun together.

Emily Powell said...

The fondue looks so fun! I need to try that!

Colleen said...

what a cute idea for the fondue night. I bet Kayla loved that little date out. she looks so happy.