Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Break

Spring break is just about over and most of the week was spent running errands, going to appointments or cleaning the house.
Not very exciting I know, I remember last year we atleast spent a day at the beach but this year I had things that needed to get done.
The girls did have an entire day at Grandma and Papas so it wasn't a total loss ;)
I did pick up a cute craft from Target for the girls, they were only $5 each and included everything we needed to make butterfly stepping stones.
I was worried they wouldn't turn out too good but they came out really cute and the girls really enjoyed making them.

Easter Sunday is at our house so tomorrow we will decorate Easter eggs and I will finish prepping the food.
As for now hubby just arrived home with dinner so I'm off to eat and then relax!
Happy Friday :)


Becca said...

The stepping stones are really cute! Nice find!

Kelli said...

Love the pot your flowers are in Shannon!
Have a happy Easter!

Colleen said...

very cute! i love the flowers your picked. so pretty! have a happy easter!