Thursday, April 11, 2013

Live Oak Canyon

Yesterday Brooklyn and I joined a friend and her mom to go on a field trip with their church group at Live Oak Canyon.  
The place is usually known for their pumpkins and Christmas trees that they sell during the holidays but they also do group tours throughout the year.  
The Spring tour is about Sunflowers and we even got to plant our own and bring them home.
Although you will not see any pictures of that since that was the time Brooklyn decided to have her meltdown and taking pictures was out of the question.
Other than that moment we had a great time.
We got to go on a tractor ride which Brooklyn loved.  
It went pretty far back into the mountains and our tour guide was really good explaining the history of the area.
We did have to leave early to get back to pick up Kayla so the only animal we got to feed and pet was the goats.
Of course we have fed goats a million times before but it was especially fun this time around because there were baby goats running around everywhere and they are the cutest things.
Pretty sure I want goats on my farm now someday (hear that hubby baby goats and chickens, k!)  
I'm hoping we can go back again sometime and stay for the entire tour because it was really a lot of fun and we were kinda bummed we missed out on the other animals.

Told ya, the baby goats are adorable!!


{cindy} said...

what a fun day shannon!! and the weather looked just beautiful sky...jeans and short sleeves...perfect!:)
hope you get that trip back soon as a family. and hope you get those baby goats and chickens someday too!!:)
have a happy day shannon

Colleen said...

what a pretty place! sorry about the meltdown. lol. typical, right?