Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ten On Ten

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Is it really April 10th already??
Two months from today it will be Summer vacation  which makes me want to jump up and down like a little kid!
Fingers crossed for a fun, happy, no whining Summer this year ;)
I debated on doing Ten on Ten today since I knew I would have pictures to share of a little field trip Brooklyn and I took this morning to share but figure I can post those tomorrow.
So here is our April edition of Ten on Ten,

 6:30 am

Exactly why I'm so excited for Summer, breakfast at 6:30 is just too darn early for me.


Kayla flipping through a book we have been reading together.

8:30 am

Home after dropping Kayla off at school, getting ready to relax a little before we leave the house again.

9:30 am

A friend invited Brooklyn and I on a field trip that her church was taking.  I'll post more pictures of our adventure tomorrow.

 10:30 am

Listening quietly to the tour guide, about 15 minutes before Brooklyn had a complete meltdown.

11:30 am

We had to cut the field trip short to pick this cutie up from school.
She made fun shapes today with marshmallows and toothpicks.

 12:30 pm

love this little face!

 1:30 pm

My rose bushes are ready to burst with blooms.
I spent some time cleaning in the yard after the mess that the rain and winds brought on Monday.

2:30 pm

I've been trying not to drink soda but sometimes I make an exception.
Dr Pepper is my favorite but all I could find was Coke so it will do.

3:30 pm

Just lounging around waiting for her sister to wake up so they can go ride bikes in the front yard.

and that's our Wednesday ;)


Kelli said...

Fun day Shannon. I am the same way with soda. I have cut back from one a day to only a few a week.

Megan Bailey said...

I love the first photo! Well done!

{cindy} said...

great pictures of an ordinary favorite.:)
oh the soda...i don't have any in the house (mainly cause im a fountain coke girl!) but resisting that mcd drive through is tough.:) i consider two a week a good one!
beautiful pictures of the girls and i love the marshmellow creation, ,those are fun!
have a happy day shannon

Colleen said...

I love these simple posts. I have tried to stop with the soda too. I have one every so often but I love diet coke!