Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Weekend

I had mentioned to hubby that this weekend we needed to do something fun, I was thinking go to the beach, take the kids to a movie anything just to get out of the house for a day together.
Saturday afternoon we had a birthday party to go to which to my luck was near the beach so since we were already out that way we decided to drive on over so the girls could go down by the water and run around a bit.

They were having so much fun they definitely did not want to leave but it was getting late and we still needed to eat dinner so eventually we dragged them away from the water.

Brooklyn could barely make it through dinner with her eyes open she was so exhausted from the day.

This morning we woke up and ate breakfast and then got ready to go to the movies.  We saw "The Croods" which we all enjoyed.  It was a really cute movie.  After it was lunch time so we made a stop at Panera for a delicious lunch and then headed back home.
Now the girls are already tucked in bed and fast asleep.
It's time for some relaxing for mommy and daddy before the busy weekday schedule begins!


WhiteWhispers2u said...

Piggies in the Sand, what better fun can there be!

I love Panera myself so delicious.

Have a great week~K.Marie

Kelli said...

Such a fun weekend. My kids want to see that movie.
Love the beach pictures. We are about 90 minutes from the ocean which is 90 minutes to far for me. I LOVE the ocean and would love to live closer.

Sheri said...

What a fun weekend! Hope your week is great! xo

{cindy} said...

oh how i wish we could take the girls to the beach any time we wanted to!!:) especially late in the evening when you don't have to mess with all that sunscreen!!:)
we saw the croods this weekend...i was having that "lets do something fun" kind of feeling too.:)
we all loved it, so very sweet and really GOOD!!
have a happy day shannon

Colleen said...

great pictures Shannon. How was the movie? I saw that on IG and was wondering if you liked it

Sarah said...

The beach looks amazing!!!! We were set to see the Croods the week before Easter and the boys opted to play outside instead since it was our first decent day in months. We're planning on going this weekend, you're like the 5th person I've had say it was cute! We're excited! Enjoy your week.