Friday, May 17, 2013


life rearranged

I'm way behind on posting my Instagram pics so this is going to be a long post of all my phone pics from the past month or so.

Up first we have the girls enjoying a hot Spring day swimming.  They were so happy playing in the water all day!

Every year Anthropologie has an Earth day event I took Kayla again this year and she got to plant a flower in a pot she decorated.

Brooklyn sat up all her friends to watch the Springtime with Roo movie

This particular day was not a good one for myself or daddy but luckily our little goofballs know just how to cheer us up.

I love this picture.
Brooklyn looks perfectly cozy reading her book ;)

My 6 year old on her Birthday

I found this iron bistro set at a yard sale for $10, came home threw a table cloth over the table and quickly recovered the chairs.
Brooklyn eats breakfast and lunch at it everyday.
Here she is eating breakfast with her puppy in the bag next to her.


Kayla and her bright blue birthday cake

Brooklyn wanted short hair just like grandma's and Rapunzel's when Eugene cuts her hair at the end of the movie.
She looks so cute and I love how fast I can get her ready now although she now wants her hair really long again!

Here she is with all her 'friends' watching a movie again.

Kayla did so awesome last week at her game that she got the game ball at the end of the game!
Proud mommy moment, so glad she found a sport that she really likes and is really good at :)

The girls taking rides in papa's toy.

Happy Girls

Done decorating Uncle Matt's hair

On the tram to Disneyland, do the girls look excited?

Kayla and Brooklyn waiting for daddy to go by on the big rollercoaster

Two nights ago after dinner the girls played in the backyard and after I got all the cushions on the chair and brought out all their Summer toys I sat down with a glass of wine and some magazines to relax, it was perfect.
Wouldn't you know this morning I brought all the cushions back in since it's now drizzling :(

We ordered our caterpillars for Kayla's Butterfly habitat that she got for her birthday.
We got them the other day and I decided that Brooklyn and I could do some crafts to help teach her about the life cycle of a butterfly.  First up was to make the caterpillar!

Well that's just about all the instagram pics from the past month.
  I'll try to stay more up to date from now on.
Have a great weekend!


Kelli said...

We have had crazy weather here as well. Hot hot hot and then the last two days windy and cold. This weekend the 90s come back

How nice to live so close the Disneyland.

have a good weekend!

Colleen said...

I love Brooklyn's new haircut! So cute on her.