Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

My favorite part of Mother's Day is knowing I don't have to jump up and get anyone ready to go anywhere.
Hubby and the girls bring me breakfast in bed and then I get to watch whatever I want to in bed with NO CARTOONS!
And even though I look forward to the lounging around in the morning we are actually pretty busy during the weekend.

 Saturday we went over to my parents house to celebrate Mother's Day.
It was extremely hot this weekend so I spent most of the time inside but the girls swam and ran around outside most of the day having fun.

My parent's filled plastic storage boxes with sand and hid a dinosaur somewhere inside and they had to search through the sand to find them.

Such a cute idea and they loved it!

Next year my lil niece/nephew will be here and my sister-n-law will be able to hold her little baby to celebrate Mother's Day.
She's half way there!

Not the best picture of the girls and I but here we are after they brought me my gifts Sunday morning.

Kayla made me a tile at school that she decorated and wrote I love you Mom on along with some tea and a cute card.
Hubby made me the amazing collage filled with pictures of the girls from over the years and a necklace from Anthropologie.
He always comes up with the most creative gifts.
I love it all and now just have to find the perfect spot for my new picture.

After banana chocolate chip pancakes in bed I eventually got up and got ready to go to my brother-n-law and sister-n-laws to celebrate with my husbands family.

Again it was extremely hot so we hung out inside all day.
The girls decided to make one uncle look 'gorgeous' by doing his hair,

and later on hung out in their other uncles guitar room and rocked out

It was such a fun weekend being taken care of and I'm really thinking this should be a once a month holiday.
Luckily I have the best hubby around who really does spoil me and make my life better than I could have every imagined.
Thanks for a great weekend, I love you babe!


Kelli said...

Looks like a great Mother's Day! I love the picture of you and the girls.

Hope you are having a good week so far.

{cindy} said...

sweet sweet day!
that collage is awesome!:)
have a happy day shannon

Colleen said...

I'm jealous of your hot weather! send some this way please! looks like a perfect day Shannon!

Denise said...

darling pix again.

what a fantastic idea to give a tub of sand with hidden dinos. think'n of stealing that idea for my nephews.