Friday, May 10, 2013

Ten On Ten

ten on ten button

Happy Ten on Ten!
Here's what we've been up to today :)


It's Friday pay day which means there are bills to pay.  After the girls were taken care of and eating breakfast I made sure to get rid of this pile.


Nobody cried or whined this morning which for the past few weeks has been unheard of.  Everyone was happy and ready to go when it was time for school they must know it's Mother's Day weekend ;)


Brooklyn and I ran some errands she asked me the entire time for some coffee, here she is as happy as can be to finally have her coffee in hand.  She likes to pretend her milk in a Starbuck's cup like mommy's is coffee.


Flowers for all the mama's in our life


of course the day wouldn't be complete without Brooklyn watching 20 mins. of Tangled with her Rapunzel doll before we have to go pick up her sister.


Lunchtime for my girls


Hoping this girl takes a nap today she hasn't napped all week and yesterday she was so tired she was falling asleep at Kayla's softball game 


Quietly playing with her Littliest Pet Shop toys.


Trader Joe's had peonies, they are my favorite flower although I wish they had the pink ones instead.  Happy Mother's Day Weekend to me ;)


Kayla had hip hop today from 3:30 - 4, then we came straight home, changed and went off to her softball game.

Thank goodness sports and school will be over soon and lazy Summer days will soon be here!
Happy Friday!


Cindy said...

Stopping by from Ten on Ten. Nice pics!!

Amy Nordgren-Ditz said...

Stopping by from 10 on 10 - looks like you had a fun day!


oopsiemaizie said...

your girls are too cute! and those are some lucky mamas... such pretty flowers... enjoyed your set!

mmcgre01 said...

Wow... busy day. Great pics.

Kelli said...

I picked up the same yellow roses for my mom and mother in law from Trader Joes...
Have a wonderful Mother's Day Shannon!

Colleen said...

boy you guys are always on the go!! pretty flowers.