Thursday, May 23, 2013

Open House

I can't believe Kayla only has 9 more days of Kindergarten left.
It feels like she just started and I just got used to her going 5 days a week and now all of a sudden she will be in first grade going to school until almost 3pm!
I want her to go back to being in preschool twice a week so we can be home together playing and doing crafts all the time.
She has gotten so big this past year and she already says certain phrases and gives me looks like a teenager would!

Last night was her Open House at school and she was so excited to show us all of her work she has done.
She is so creative and loves to write as well as create.

Her writing is pretty amazing for a 6 year old, she can easily write paragraphs describing just about anything in detail and spells things out correctly on her own 98% of the time.
Her teacher said she uses Kayla's work as an example because it is so good.

While we were there Kayla took us around to show us all of her projects and also showed us her art book she made, which was filled with beautiful pictures she has made throughout the year. 
We got to bring that home as well as her Kindergarten journal which is full of little stories and illustrations she made.

Kayla has had so much fun this year, she's made so many great friends and has learned so much.
We have loved her Kindergarten teacher and can only hope her first grade teacher is as wonderful!


Colleen said...

so cute! it's such a difference too with the longer day. E adjusted but it took awhile and now she loves it.

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