Friday, June 28, 2013


Once again I am completely behind on posting my weekly Instagram Pictures so here they all are from the last few weeks.

life rearranged

The Friday of Father's day weekend we went out for pizza at our favorite place to find there was a classic car show going on.
After we ate dinner we spent awhile checking out all the cars, the girls loved it!

of course we worked up an appetite again so we had to stop for some ice cream to re-fuel

On the way to celebrate Father's day with family Brooklyn fell asleep in the car like this,

Kayla was still wide awake and happy as ever though

Monday after fathers day the girls had a dentist appointment, they always love going because they have fun stuff for them in the waiting room and of course because of the toy they get to pick out after the visit.

We had gone over to a friends house for a playdate last Thursday and we were there just about all day when we got home I found Brooklyn passed out within a matter of minutes.

When we went to sign up Brooklyn for dance this year they had face painting so of course the girls wanted something on their faces

This past Monday it was cold and cloudy, Brooklyn wanted to watch a movie in our bedroom and later on Kayla joined her.
They look so cozy all wrapped in blankets which have not been used since we now have triple digit weather going on over here!

Monday night we had friends over for dinner and drinks

They have two younger kids and Brooklyn loves little ones, here she is cuddling with their oldest little girl.

Tuesday we went bowling with friends, Brooklyn would get so excited after each turn and Kayla did pretty good getting a strike at one point!

Brooklyn and her best buddy, they will have the same teacher this year and I really hope they behave being in class together ;)

Tuesday night Kayla tried to ride her bike for the first time without training wheels and she did it!!
I have lots of pictures that I will be back to share with you as soon as I get some time to go through them all.

Wednesday was finally a day that the girls could play in the backyard and we had no where to be.
In fact the last 3 days have been perfect lazy Summer days around here, hoping it stays this way from here on out!

Our weather is supposed to jump up to 106 by tomorrow.
I guess it's really Summer around here. 
Hope you all stay cool and have a relaxing weekend!

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Kelli said...

Enjoy your weekend! We are hot here as well...108 on Sunday and poor nicolas has a soccer tournament this weekend.