Sunday, June 30, 2013

Learning to Ride

Kayla had been asking for help to ride her bike without training wheels so Tuesday night after daddy got home from work we went out front so she could give it a try.

There was a lot of  "daddy!" and "don't let go of me" being said over and over again so eventually daddy decided it would be best for her to work on her balance by trying to go straight down on the driveway on her own before pedaling on her own.

Once she got pretty good with that we tried to tell her to put her feet up on the pedal and ride down but she was getting frustrated so back to daddy running behind her holding on to her again.

Soon enough she got even more frustrated that she ended up running inside crying.

After her exclaiming "I'll never be able to ride a bike and I'm never gonna learn"  and a lot of explaining to her that it usually takes awhile to get it all down she said she just wanted to be alone. 
So off I went, and within 5 minutes the crying had stopped and out she came saying she was going to go back outside.
I ended up staying inside to get some things done when all of a sudden hubby came in and said "She just did it all on her own, she just took off down the driveway and kept going!"

I ran out with my camera and sure enough she was riding all around the street like she's been riding forever.

She rode again tonight and is getting pretty good at getting the bike going without anyone even holding her or helping her!
We're running out of firsts :(


Kelli said...

Yay! Love the smile on her face!

Becca said...

Aww, Kayla is so much like I was as a kid! I used to throw little fits like that about math homework, haha. And there are always firsts! First dates, first dances, first day at college, first baby. :)

Colleen said...

she should come teach Emily! lol. she looks so proud of herself.